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Whats it look like?

6 week supportive container, Diving Deeper into YOU.
*3 x 1:1 90min fortnightly Intuitive Healing & Coaching Sessions (online or in person)
*6 x weekly guidance reads in your inbox on Monday’s
*Voxer support & feedback.
*Link to session notes & resources through goggle drive


$666 PIF 


OR payment plan 3 x FORTNIGHTLY PAYMENTS of $233


What my Deeper Dive Clients say...

I cannot thank you enough for this experience, Bec. I had spoken with doctors and such previously and nothing had resonated with me or improved my anxiety until now.

Everything we did in our sessions and just by staying connected throughout these weeks, has helped me to grow and become a new and better person everyday.

Our 1:1 sessions were sometimes light and encouraging and other times were a bit more intense, however every session was beneficial in altering my perspective of myself. In our last session we talked about how much easier it is for me to meditate now, and to practice visualisations through mediation.

When I first started, I found it so so hard to relax. My mind would constantly wander.

Each session was like unlocking something I had been holding on to, which I sometimes didn't even realise I had been holding on to.


And the weekly reads have given me purpose and guidance too. I've been able to listen to them on a Monday and then check in with them each day to acknowledge what might be in store for me for that day.

I have particularly appreciated days where I can pause. One of my biggest issues was thinking that I ALWAYS NEEDED to be doing something or working towards something.

But I don't. Sometimes we just need to LIVE for the MOMENT".


- Karli

1:1 Client Sasha says...
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t’s so good to stop and talk. It’s like a download every visit 

It’s a safe space to unload …If nothing else that in itself is so rewarding.”


I always fee like I just felt like I slept 8 hours. 


Normally my experience is one of being so busy …I always battle with time and feeling guilty about “self care” or having time to myself. 

Then once I’m there in my session I surrender to it, embrace it and really realise I need to be here


Bec puts the mirror up - everytime the cards and guidance speak to what is really going on for me. 

Bec’s bring me consciously back to being aware of situations and how to move forward through life ..

Being conscious walking out the door 

rather than actively fighting my way through life and reacting to situations.


I feel more grounded, encouraged and supported.


And Stella brings the love".


Not sure where to start? 

Book a free 30min "How can I help" call with me. 

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