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"There is nothing more powerful than a

group of women coming together"

Connection Community Creativity

It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to hold space in this way. 

This is where you get to lean back... soften, be in flow...receive & nourish. 

There is connection, sharing.

Insight and intuitive guidance 

All facilitated to create ultimate, supportive lush space.


These circles are an energetic vibe.


Whether it be online, in person or in a movement circle ...I  truly love to create and hold sacred space for you ... My darlings. See below to tap into this energy! 

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Regular events held on the Mid North Coast of NSW


SAT 29th MAY 3.30-5.30pm @ Woopi Mud Brick $33

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with Bec Ross

A Weekly Dance class at WPAS, 14 Featherstone Dr, Woopi

Tuesday's 7.30-8.45pm

Term 2 AOM - 10 weeks $160

Tues 20th April - Tues 22nd June

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Retreats. Immersions.
Events. Collaborations 

JOIN Bec online for her next FULL MOON CIRCLE

Book Bec for your next special occasion. Sacred womens circles for women, teens, girls, mothers and daughters.

Find out more about our up and coming retreats, immersions and collaborations 


Sacred Women's Biz is the live in person circle events. 

Held locally in the NSW coffs coast. These are a space of true deep connection and transformation....

PLUS a whole load of fun 

We gather. We pause. We lean back. We move. We UNLOCK & UNBLOCK. We open. 

There is magic in the circle. These events are truly nourishing and supportive.



Woolgoolga Mud Brick Building, 8 Boundary St, Woolgoolga

SAT 29th MAY 3.30-5.30pm. Investment $33.

Bookings essential with limited spots


Comfortable clothing to move in BUT add in an element of sacred celebration & beauty ie: earrings, a scarf, lipstick, a skirt, funky pants etc… I simply love to adorn myslef and encourage you to do the same if that resoantes. 


A cushion, some water, your favourite cup to drink out of, and ALL OF YOURSELF! Whatever that is in the moment - bring it with you!

UPCOMING DATES for Sacred Women's Biz

SAT MAY 29th 3.30-5.30pm @ Woopi Mud Brick $33


A weekly Creative Movement Dance Class using a combination of yoga, movement, dance, breath, music and JOY to unlock, unblock & UNLEASH creative expression. 

Shake it out. Shake it off.

We explore all styles of movement & dance


Lyrical / contemporary / cabaret / showgirl / hip hop vibes / ballet barre technique / conditioning / yoga dance fusion .…


You name it …. We explore it & Play! 

We use these techniques to develop and grow our own love, confidence & understanding of dance, movement & creativity …..


AND our own unique expression of that ….

PLUS really EMBODYING that essence.

We will work towards developing our own unique expression through choreography that is fun, vibrant, expressive and empowering. 


This is a space to get creative, FEEL the vibe, shift some energy and awaken or

RE- AWAKEN your passion for movement and dance! 


Who is it FOR? 

Maybe you have danced before…. ?

Maybe it’s been a dream to take it up - it’s never too late … movement belongs to everyone! And I truly know the deep healing and transformative qualities of dance and movement!

Maybe you are in the ‘in between’ age group…. Too old to dance with the kiddies - but wanting something juicy and fulfilling with movement and creative expression that really lights you up! 

Well this just goes hand in hand with all of that! 

If this resonates, in the spirit of expanding and stepping outside of our comfort zones… 

I say COME.  JOIN.  PLAY. 

BOOKINGS are essential to secure your spot.......

TUESDAYS 7.30-8.45pm @Woolgoolga Performing Arts Studio:14 Featherstone Dr, Woopi. 

AOM TERM 2: Tues 20th APRIL - Tues 22nd JUNE.

Grab your 10 CLASS PASS for $160 for term 2!

Create FREEDOM in the body, mind & heart. Open up to JOY.

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What people say...

"Bec’s dance class was beyond awesome, I absolutely loved it. I’ve been looking for something like this since I moved here 3 years ago and now I've found it.

It made my heart and soul sing. I left feeling so happy, empowered and full of creative life force. Her classes are a real gift to the community. Can’t wait for the next one!"

—  Georgie

Want to learn more about working with me 1:1..? 
Check out my VIP Intuitive Mentoring Program SUPPORTED. 
You with me - working together to create change and space for transformation. 
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Seriously lady!

You have definitely found your super powers!!

That class was epic!

Cant wait for the next one.

- Tegan

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“The dancer of the future will be one whose body and soul have grown so harmoniously together that the natural language of that soul will have become the movement of the body. This is the mission of the dancer of the future. She is coming, the dancer of the future: the free spirit, who will inhabit the body of new women; more glorious than any woman that has yet been; more beautiful than all women in past centuries: The highest intelligence in the freest body.”
- Isadora Duncan 1909

Not sure where to start? 

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