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Deliberate, intentional support for your 2023 start with Anna & Bec 


Clear the pathway for 2023.

From Feb 5-10th, 2023 ~ let us hold you in this deliberate online container.

Over the 6 days, reset and come back home to you, so you can roll out in the most authentic and truthful way for 2023. 

*Cultivate clarity,

*Build Confidence to trust your intuition, 

*& the courage to take action. 


Simple tangible tools that will serve you each day for 2023. 

At the end of the week you’ll have a clear pathway mapped out for your 2023 hopes, dreams and desires. 

Throughout the week we will support you with the tools and practises to take with you into 2023. 

This is not just about ‘writing out your goals’ - this is about who you be!

And the embodiment of that! 

We then align our daily life + schedule with that map. 

Does it align ..? 

Then it’s a YES! 


If not, this helps you to really discern your healthy boundaries about

what's right for you, in your life. 


*Daily morning practises

*Daily arv + evening  practises

*Daily emails and check in


Practices to ground and root yourself in the energy of who you are becoming and simple ways to return back there time and time again.

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Who's it for ...? 


Now is your time. Kids are back at school

It's’ FEB 2023 … and it’s GO TIME. 

This is an influx and acceleration of tools - forget the New Years resolution and join our RETREAT. 

It’s for those wanting to make deliberate & intentional change & shifts in their life. 

It’s for those knowing that they are worth the work. 

For those wanting to really step in and step through the doorway of possibilities. 

For those who are ready to get fresh, get real, be supported and need a loving kick up the butt. 

We got you boo!

What's included..?

* Opening Circle Sunday 5th FEB 7.30PM


*Mon 9th - Fri 13th: 5 x scheduled live morning movement practise (replays uploaded and available) 

*Sun 8th - Fri 13th: 6 x scheduled live arv / evening supportive practise; like guided meditation + energy medicine + intuitive group read + movement celebration.

*Daily email support and prompts to build your 2023 map.

*A group collective intuitive read with action steps and support moving forward for 2023.

*Anna + Bec - not one, but two awesome co-facilitators here for you. 

*Support in a very real, deliberate and intentional way.You’ll walk away with simple practises that you can revisit time an time again throughout your year.

*We will build upon your vision & create your personal affirmations & map for 2023!

*Investment $99

Who are we...?

Mad mumma’s, community minded, fun loving gals that just adore each other (#girlcrush).

We are not perfect, we don’t know everything… 

But we certainly are living it and doing the work!


Anna works 1:1 with her clients offering Yoga Therapy and Mind Set Coaching.

Bec works 1:1 in an Intuitive Coaching & Mentoring capacity &  has recently completed her 10 month Fire & Water Meditation Teacher Training.


Both of us are Libra AND Ox’s in the chinese star sign! (synchronicities or what!?)

We love to share and collaborate together - including our monthly Yin + Energy in- person Immersions. 


We will lovingly and deliberately hold you in this intentional space. 

Our aim is to get real & be real. No fluff. 

Guiding you - to you.

Just simple, tangible delights in the magic that is available to all of us. 


Read more about what Bec does here

Read more about Anna here


What people say...

"I’ve been practicing yoga with Rebecca regularly over a year and I noticed after a few classes life changing transformations:

Technically Rebecca has a deep holistic knowledge and  tools to unlock the body in a very safe way, allowing the flow of energy to circulate, which feels relaxing and give more energy throughout the day, she also has a unique talent to encourage students and  infuse joy into a class so that the practice feels effortless. I gained so much in my life in practicing yoga,I would encourage anyone to practice yoga with her ,it's totally worth it." 

 ~ Isabelle 

 "I had a one on one session with Anna at a time in my life when I was juggling many priorities including my young family and small business. Anna’s session was a catalyst for me to prioritise my health and self-care through re-establishing a regular yoga practice and taking steps to prioritise what was important to me. Best of all, Anna kept me accountable and three years later, I am still reaping the benefits."

~ Emma

Got any questions ...?

*Email Bec here

*Connect with Anna here

No, I'm good to go - take me to the booking link please!

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