Welcome Beauty,

Take a breath. Pause. Exhale.

Let me hold you in sacred space with loving arms.

Let me welcome you. All of you.

You are here.  

Settle. Ground. Be.

Receive, Nourish, Replenish. 

Let me SUPPORT you

I 'm Bec...

You have arrived...
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I Help women (re)-remember, (re)-awaken

and (re)-emerge with the fullness of themselves. 

Especially those parts that have been hidden, pushed down, disreguarded, squashed, lost or deemed "unacceptable".

Especially those parts! They are the JUICE.

Those parts MAGIC, powerful and our true transformational GIFTS

I work to UNLOCK those magical 'powers'... and hold the space for you to awaken and remember all that you are, and all that you are BECOMING. 

Yoga, dance, movement, intuitive guidance, energy healing & spiritual mentoring are all in my tool kit.

But I am here, to shine the light on your brilliance - reguardless of how.

"Your Light is only as bright as your darkness is felt"

Arabella Morgan, Wild Woman Rising


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Just imagine if I had a REAL space for movement & healing. 

A shop front if you will. 


An Intuitive Healing Space where I facilitate movement, yoga, healing, guidance, work 1:1 and offer courses and programs.


This is the VIRTUAL, reality of that space!


Coming up over the NEXT month:

SEPT FULL MOON Transmission SUN 11th

Read More about Bec's INTENTION behind this space HERE

Offerings 1:1 & group connection

Join Bec as she facilitates her signature Open Movement Class: 
Tues 7.30pm 
New Movement. New Playlist. New Intention.

Bec's Open Movement

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What people say...

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“Adult Open Movement has challenged me to enter into a creative space in a safe, supportive, no rules way.  It’s become an “essential” in my week. Calm connected and fun"

- Kath


“Bec puts the mirror up - everytime the cards and guidance speak to what is really going on for me. 

Bec’s bring me consciously back to being aware of situations and how to move forward through life ..

Being conscious walking out the door rather than actively fighting my way through life and reacting to situations.”


-Sasha 1:1 Client

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”Adult Open Movement makes my soul sing and my body feel alive. It ignites the creative side in all of us in a fun, supportive and safe space”. 

- Kristen

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"I love my dance class, it freshens up and puts a feisty swagger to my week.. Rebecca has this amazing gift of making you feel comfortable while inspiring you to get your moves on ... it’s great fun! You’ll be feeling like a showgirl in no time"

- Tamily 

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And more...

"I feel that I became more comfortable sharing my inner self with the world" -Ashlea 

"Seriously lady! You have definitely found your super powers!!" -Tegan 

"Although I am on the other side of the world, Rebecca’s intuition and energy has touched me beyond my expectations! Thank you for your excellent guidance" -Cindy 

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