You have arrived...

Welcome Beauty,

Take a breath. Pause. Exhale.

Let me hold you in sacred space with loving arms.

Let me welcome you. All of you.

You are here.  

Settle. Ground. Be.

Receive, Nourish, Replenish. 

Let me SUPPORT you

I 'm Bec...

One night on a full moon I had a dream. 

It wasn't just any dream - it was a receiving, a download, an activation. 

I dreamt of two ancestors: they were tribal men, dressed with skins, staffs, and big smiles on their faces. They said "We are here to give you your TOOL" and handed me a pen-like instrument in my left hand. 

"Your gift and purpose is to UNLOCK people's creativity" and with that they took me on a journey of the world and showed me how to use this tool and how many people NEEDED activation. This was so VIVID and like no other dream I had had before. It left with me a distinct knowing ... something was happening, awakening, a purpose, a clear insight.

From here the TOOL would show up as a distinct BUZZ on my left hand ... I started exploring what this UNLOCKING technology was about. It brought me into contact with my first experience with my GUIDE/S. Lots unfolded that can't really be explained - just experienced.

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Get in my energy...

—  Georgie


*Face 2 Face or online

Intuitive Guidance using a combination of card decks. 

*20min SOUL READ $44

 *1 month of WEEKLY GUIDANCE $88

Gift Vouchers Available 

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A fully supported 1:1 Energy Healing Session.

Either virtual or in-person.

SUPPORTED: Signature VIP Mentoring Program 

Gift vouchers available

*Face 2 Face 1:1 Transformational Yoga 

*Book a Yoga class with Bec and Anna Sat 7am 

*Monthly Yin Sound Bath

*Dive into my 6 week Online Yoga Fundamentals Program

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*Join Rebecca for a transformative & creative Womens Circle: 

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A live in-person event 

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All things movement & dance. Awaken your passion & creativity.

Unlock and Unblock your energy. Open to JOY and transformation.

*Adult Open Movement Class

Tues 7.30-8.45pm @ Woolgoolga Performing Arts Studio. 

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Retreats. Immersions.
Events. Collaborations 

Join Bec ONLINE for on eof her MOON CIRCLES

Book Bec for your next special occasion. Sacred womens circles for women, teens, girls, mothers and daughters.

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What people say...

"I feel that I became more comfortable sharing my inner self with the world" -Ashlea 

"Seriously lady! You have definitely found your super powers!!" -Tegan 

"Although I am on the other side of the world, Rebecca’s intuition and energy has touched me beyond my expectations! Thank you for your excellent guidance" -Cindy 


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