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Bring all of yourself to the mat

And let the practise of yoga transform you 

1:1 Yoga

1:1 Signature Yoga + Meditation Coaching with Bec 

Bring all of yourself to the mat, and let The Practise of Yoga transform you. 

Signature 1:1 Yoga Mentoring.

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$111 for 75mins


Bec's own signature YOGA FUSION Class

Sat 7-8.30am

8 Boundary St, Woopi


Intentional yoga shapes, movement, breath, sound healing + intuitive guidance to re-set and enliven

Yoga Events


Seasonal DEEP HEALING Immersions.

An Immersion into Ayurvedic  and energetic ritual & practises to help you BLOOM out of Winter and into Spring.

Sun 17th, SEPT, 2-4.30pm.

Tix $57

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What is it?

 YOGA FUSION is Bec's own unique signature blend of:

Yoga. Movement. Breath. Sound Healing & Guidance.


The Intention is to create a safe space to

"sift & shift" what needs to clear, to find support through the practise, and 'tend' to our own inner flame of awareness and vitality. To light ourselves up from the inside.

We practise in a circle to honour the energy of the sun and each other. A potent practise!

TIX are $20 - book online or cash on the day

Fortnightly Sessions: Saturday

7-8.30am Woopi Mud Brick,

8 Boundary St

Anna Bec Yoga

Deep Healing 

Seasonal Immersions


Anna and Bec come together to facilitate a seasonal, deep healing yoga and sound nourishing container… 

An Immersion into Ayurvedic  and energetic ritual & practises to relieve stagnation, bloom into spring & boost your immunity.


Immersion Includes: 

A Cacao ceremony to open the heart, intentional ritual practsies, yin shapes, guided meditation, sound & hands on healing.

Next Immersion: Spring Healing Immersion

Sun 17th Sept, 2- 4.30pm 

2-4.30pm. TIX $57.

8 Boundary St, Woolgoolga.


Drop In. Ground. Nourish. Receive

Intention for Spring Healing: 

This is about ‘growing the good’... in your life. 

Being a creator of how you want to feel, and focussing on what ‘seeds’ you're planting and how you tend to your own inner garden. 


Nature metaphors aside (although nature offers us such a mirror and perspective on how to just be..)

We spend time, connecting in, listening, and growing inside of us our life force, vitality, clarity and confidence to walk our walk, our own unique path in life. 


After the depth of winter, there is always an energy of re-birth, awakening, rising up, uncovering, flowering, growth that is available to us during Spring. 


Re-connecting in with our own innate cycles, we honor this inside of us - and intentionally use this powerful time. 

1:1 Yoga + Meditation with Bec

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“Bring all of yourself to the mat, and let The Practise of Yoga transform you”.

Signature Yoga + Meditation practises.

Creating a safe container for the body, to allow the wisdom and tradition of yoga to transform your life, body, mind & soul

Allow me to create space for you… together we design the remedy practise that will support you, where you are at, and give you the tools for transformation and healing. 

My Yoga is intuitively guided … backed by years of practise and study, meaning : my work is to open myself to receive the insight and inspiration that will facilitate your transformation.

On the mat and off the mat. 

The measure of a good yoga practice, is the value it adds to your life. It’s how it rolls out and affects the rest of your day, your life and your relationships. 

Let me invite you into my space, create a safe container - and move the energy from there. 

I’ll meet you there.

I’ll meet you on the mat. 


75min in-person session, $111AUD

What People say....

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I’ve been practicing yoga with Rebecca regularly over a year and I noticed after a few classes life changing transformations.

I was expecting to gain in flexibility and alleviate my back pain which happened but I also noticed other big changes.

The stress started to fade away, soon I gained in inner peace and I develop over time, with a regular practice, a higher sense of happiness. Technically Rebecca has a deep holistic knowledge and  tools to unlock the body in a very safe way, allowing the flow of energy to circulate, which feels relaxing and gave me more energy throughout the day, she also has a unique talent to encourage students and  infuse joy into a class so that the practice feels effortless.

I gained so much in my life in practicing yoga,I would encourage anyone to practice yoga with her.

-  Isabelle Balivet



Not sure where to start? 

Book a free 30min "How can I Help" call with me

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