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About me...


Sounds very formal ...but 

WELCOME and thanks for being here!

It’s no mistake that you are here and nothing is random.


Lean back.Relax

Take a load off as I welcome you into my energetic space ...

I’m super passionate about bringing people together, unlocking creativity and awakening our true potential (it’s really just a remembrance of who we are). 


I believe we have all the goods. 

I am not a FIXER - although I used to be, so I’d say a “recovering fixer”. 


But a holder of space. A CREATOR.  


My work lies in EMBODIMENT. 


it’s not so much WHAT I do.... but HOW...


It’s through all the bits ... all the tools and all the resources that have gathered and accumulated in my MEDICINE POUCH.


I owned a BIZ (Dance Studio) for 16 years that I recently sold. 

I loved this space - the purpose, the community, the creativity. 


This SACRED BIZ space is where all the BITS weave together ... a NEW paradigm. 

Like a tapestry full of majestic colours.

It’s where I get to make my art that is my LIFE. 


My work is to JUMP into the FLOW of this healing, life stream of energy.....and trust this intuitive stream. 

I TRUST my intuition100%.


AND here we are ... together 

And I’m so GRATEFUL. 


There are ways to PLAY & DANCE with me (dance metaphors galore)... Should you feel called to and if it resonates. 


Guidance, Energy Healing, Yoga, Women's Circles, Movement and Dance. 

Work with me 1:1 


Live Events

Weekly Classes 

This is SUCH juicy work... and I truly love it! To hold you in space and SUPPORT your transformational journey. 

LISTEN HERE to this PODCAST by the fabulous Bree Boucher where she interviews me about “all the things” 

I’d love to connect 

All my love 

Namaste......B x 

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Pure, positive...


“You ARE pure Positive Energy & there is a constant never ending stream of Pure Positive energy flowing to you at all times”. Abraham Hicks

I’ve kind of spent my life applying and working with this idea & mantra. It’s become a GO TO philosophy that underpins all that I do & HOW I do it. 

Pure Positive DANCE 

Pure Positive MOVEMENT 

Pure Positive WORDS 

Pure Positive THOUGHTS

Pure Positive ENERGY

You get the gist…


They're not just words - this energy is REAL and a formidable force …. You feel it when you move your body and connect to that ‘higher sense of self’. You feel it when you have a moment of stillness and bask in the gratitude of ‘what is’. It's that REAL tangible life force energy that you FEEL buzzing all around you after Yoga or Meditation or laughing, or dancing, or walking on the beach or hugging your kids.

PURE POSITIVE ENERGY… it’s not outside of you… 




The How...


My Friend Sharon explains me as an “Energetic Swiss Army Knife” that you keep in your pocket and pull out when you need it. 

Meaning, there are any number of applications or tools that you can whip out and use at a moment's notice. 

My other friend from way back used to call me a “Chameleon” … relating to the colorful way I would put myself together … and my ability to be adaptable and relate. . 

I liken myself to a Mary Poppins type character (love a good musical reference)... I kind of fly in with my Handy Neverending Tote Bag…. and just start pulling out handy tools. 

YOU never quite know what a situation or person may call for - but I usually have a really strong insight, urge, situation or picture that pops into my head. Like a metaphor or analogy that really allows me to explain, uncover, relate and connect the pieces of the puzzle. 

I’ve learnt that everything is important and NOTHING IS RANDOM. 

So I use it all - whatever tools are needed, I whip them out. 

This is exactly how I teach choreography and movement. 

This is exactly how I relate to my clients 1:1. From direct personal experience and insight. 

Humour is a huge way I work also - something about having a laugh at ourselves that really lightens the mood and allows for a softening. Plus a little sing song (life is a musical right?!)

I am not afraid of what I may LOOK LIKE or sound like. I just go for it. 




Our own innate intuitive guidance - its in there, I work with these energies to UNLOCK and UNBLOCK creative potential in each of us


Dragons have always been a symbol that has resonated with me throughout my whole life - a symbol of deep transformation, but also the Dragon is the keeper of the gold, the gold nuggets and gifts that are unique to each of us. We work to awaken to our pure potential - embrace and recognise our unique gifts that each of us has, our way of sharing this with the world. 


That beautiful open hearted expression of JOY. This is about UNLOCKING the pockets of JOY that are inside of us …. Through movement, through connection and creativity. The inner transformational work is done … and then we have this most spectacular opening… our heart blossoms, it flourishes and emanates pure deep centred joy and peace. We grow our wings … and they are beautiful and colorful! 


Ah the deep rooted, grounded, stable of energy of the TREE! The broader and more expanded our root system is, the more we can open and expand. The more we can let the fullness of ourselves drop in. The more we can EMBODY & invite in the energetic vibration that is …. Us. All of us. 

This is a constant unfolding. We are forever feeling into these spaces and these energies… It is a process of BECOMING. 

Through the tools of Yoga, movement, dance, creativity, breath, meditation, energy healing, crystals, oils, sound healing, ritual and sacred space… 

We Work together to UNLOCK your own amazing technologies and essence... 

That is You. 

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