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Work with me 1:1 

There are two aspects to the way I love to work with people 1:1

Part A is the Intuitive Coaching piece - I use coaching tools, insight and guidance to unravel and unpack what's going on for you.

Part B is the Energy Healing piece - once we've cleared the way, we work through your body, chakras and energy to  facilitate deep healing, rest and repair. 


These are my signature Intuitive Healing + Coaching Sessions.


This is about energy moving, shifting, clearing, reframing and re-organising our inner & outer energetics.

Plus tangible tools to implement for moving forward. 

Tools I use.....

A unique combination of cards, insight, intuition, crystal's, flower essences, wisdom, energy healing, guided processes, NLP, sound healing and meditation.

To clear energy and facilitate your deep healing and transformation. 

All that is required from you - is a ‘willingness' for change and a 'desrie' to let go.

Together we journey in

BOOK a 60min One off ENERGY COACHING SESSION for $111


This 60min Energy Healing + Coaching Session will support you to dive deeper to cleanse, clear & re-balance what may need addressing & harmonisng.

A complete energy overhaul! Online or In-Person. 

BOOK a 2HR signature In-Person or online  INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALING + COACHING SESSION for $155

Talk to me about long term support

deep healing & reset 


intuitive guidance

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1:1 support

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What my clients say..
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"Completely encompassing what it is to be a guide for others, Bec holds great compassion, incredible awareness, a deep understanding of the human body and health, and also consciously practices what she teaches. It’s so inspiring to witness and helps keep the path ahead clear and focused."

Heidi Cansdell 
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"There is something really special about an energy healing with Bec. From the get go she tunes into my frequency and feelings and knows just what to do at the right time and which tools to use. Her intuition is always spot on. 

Her depth of understanding of the body, chakras and meridians is mind blowing and incredibly supportive for healing any funky feelings but also to elevate and encourage the state of joy and enlightenment to come through me. 

Over the days following a healing I feel a deep sense of Bec’s magic integrating into my body. Having regular sessions has definitely supported me in maintaining improvement and a more even flow of energy to allow me to do all the things… Mum, wife and business owner."

Sharon Galway


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"My energy healing session with Bec was deeply nourishing. I felt listened too and Bec’s joyful nature allowed me to feel comfortable to receive healing through all of her wonderful tools and magic! Bec checked in with me after the session which gave such value to my investment. I was able to integrate the healing more fully and make some shifts in my perspective and energy!"

Anna Miley 
1:1 Client Sasha says...
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t’s so good to stop and talk. It’s like a download every visit 

It’s a safe space to unload …If nothing else that in itself is so rewarding.”


I always fee like I just felt like I slept 8 hours. 


Normally my experience is one of being so busy …I always battle with time and feeling guilty about “self care” or having time to myself. 

Then once I’m there in my session I surrender to it, embrace it and really realise I need to be here


Bec puts the mirror up - everytime the cards and guidance speak to what is really going on for me. 

Bec’s bring me consciously back to being aware of situations and how to move forward through life ..

Being conscious walking out the door 

rather than actively fighting my way through life and reacting to situations.


I feel more grounded, encouraged and supported.


And Stella brings the love".


Not sure where to start? 

Book a free 30min "How can I help" call with me. 

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