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Connection ~ Community ~ Creativity

Open Movement with Bec

Create & Activate FREEDOM in the Body!

We explore movement as medicine. How music, intentional movement and breath can UNLOCK the body, mind & spirit.

We open up to JOY and creativity as a power centre for transformation. 

We UNPACK, shift and clear, any stuck energy, thoughts, fears, worries stored in your body, mind & spirit. 

We formulate connection - connection to self AND connection to community: a shared experience.

Open Movement in-person classes  


Your weekly dose of Movement as Medicine:

@Flourish Movement Studio, Shop 4 / 4 Market St, Woolgoolga: 

*Tues 7 - 9pm Open Movement Level 2 (performance crew)

*Thurs 6 - 7.15pm Adult Contemporary 10 week block. 

*Thurs 7.15 - 8.15pm weekly Open Movement Session:

Movement as Medicine  - casual movers welcome. 

Term 2 Dates:  Tues 30th April - 6th July 

There is such healing in movement and shifting that can take place, when we 'shake' our body free of tension, stress, stagnant energy AND replace it with 


 OM Level 2: Production + Performance 2 hour 9 week block for Term 2: 

Class starts Tues 30/04. 7 - 9pm weekly on Tuesday's, with performances + showcases planned for May, June + August. 

An add on. The next level. 

Commitment, training + creative exploration.

Performance opportunities and development. 

For those where dance + movement is a powerful language in their world and they want to experience MORE.




7.15-8.15pm Thurs. 

Term 2 starts Thurs 2nd May 

@ Flourish Movement Studio

Book a casual class for $22

OR book your 10 Class Pass for $190

All welcome! Perfect for the casual mover!

Term Dates: Thurs 2nd May - 4th July. 

OM Level 2



7- 9pm Tues. Starts Tues 30th April

Book the OM 2 hour block for $33 / week 

OR $295 for the 9 WEEK block (preferred) 


Term Dates: Tues 30 APRIL - 2nd JULY

(with a holiday rehearsal Tues APRIL 23rd) 

Performance Dates: Sun May 26th / Sat 8th June / Sat 3rd August. 

Week off: Tues 11th JUNE

We have affectionatley called this group  "The Movement Temple". Movement as a sacred offering to self and connection to community and creativity. The work is deeper, more embodied and a with a sense of purpose and intention. We are working on choreography, story telling, movement pieces to perform and showcase. 




10 week block Thurs 6-7.15pm

Starts Thurs May 2 - July 4

@ Flourish Movement Studio. 

10 week block $180

An exploration & deep dive into the techniques, choreography & creativity of contemporary movement. Taking inspiration and paying homage to the greats: Jason Winters contemporay syllabus, Graham & Horton techniques to name a few!

Working on pieces for a showcase! 

10 Class Pass Optin

New Option for 2024

Buy a 10 class pass for any Weekly Open Movement and/or Yoga Fusion class with Bec. Great option for casual movers and yogis...

Only $190

(Class pass valid for 12 weeks, and class bookings are essential through Bec directly)

A judgement free,  embodied movement class that starts with a Yoga warm up, moves through our “movement” piece, with a banging inspired soundtrack, and finishes with a guided meditation. 
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Free of judgement & expectation 

Me B+Wh.jpeg

But full of fun, joy, laughter, movement, music & activation.

Move Your Body. Feel The Shift.  

“Open Movement to me is like a LIBERATION of all the “bonds” and ’ties’ - all the responsibilities that we carry around with us on a day to day basis …

We just LET it go, through the music + the movement …

The playlist is intentional. And we use music that MOVES the soul and SPEAKS to the body, always with a heartfelt connection. I'll meet you on the dance floor.”

- Rebecca

What people say..

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"For me, this experience has been none other than magical. I literally feel so held, supported, respected and loved every time I step into one of Bec’s classes. The energy, the vibe, the passion, the love, the space, the girls, the movement; every single thing is valued and I feel so vibrant each time I leave. 


The saying, “come as you are” will be heard often and for me (and many others) this is really important. Some days (let’s be honest here) are super shit; however Bec holds a space that allows YOU to be YOU, no matter what is happening in your life. In saying that, you can’t help but feel better after a good old shake, shimmy, ball change kick, turn and some serious belly laughter.


The opportunity to dance on stage again after many years was absolutely incredible. For some, it was their debut, for others it was like turning back time and remembering the amazing gift we get to give others when we are on that stage. 


I am so humbled that I found this beautiful group of women. I feel like I can be me, without judgement, without fear and without worry. I know that I get total encouragement, support, love and respect each and every time I step into Bec’s spaces. 


Without a doubt I would highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into Bec’s beautiful open movement classes. Her inner beauty shines through and she radiates positive vibes to all those around her. You can’t help but laugh and smile when you are in the presence of Bec. 


From the bottom of my heart I am truly grateful that I found Bec and the girls. It makes my heart sing and I know I am “better when I’m dancing”.  - Aleisha 

Meet more of the crew...


“I had the most wonderful experience with you amazing ladies my heart couldn't be any more full. What an absolutely lucky woman I am to have shared this with you all.

After a lifetime of keeping everything hidden... I am gently accepting it's ok to not have to completely hide”.


- Trista  


“It was such an honour dancing with you all. I haven’t felt that empowered in a long time. I miss you all so much. What a group of amazing woman we are. I feel so blessed to be apart of this community. 

I feel so blessed that my daughter got to watch us dance and to show her how powerful we can be as woman.” - Emily

Emily’s daughter has now learnt the whole routine and practises around the house constantly.


“I didn’t realise when I joined how much of an important part of my week our classes would become. Never did I feel uncomfortable or judged. You ladies are truely so amazing and the energy you bring is unmatchable. It felt so good to be back on stage and on stage with a group of ladies that are as amazing and talented as you lot! Every week in warm up I felt emotional and soo lucky to be apart of this team. 
Lots of love". - Olivia 

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