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Movement + Mindfullnes

After 25 years of being in the BIZ of owning a studio and training Elite Dancers;

Bec now turns her attention to coaching the next generation through a combination of tools, techniques & practises gathered over her extensive teaching career, her experience as a choreographer, studio owner, coach, mentor, guide and Adjudicator


Coupled with her own personal healing & well- being journey offers Bec a unique set of tools, perspective and insights to meet students where they are at,

and facilitate from there. 


Bec has a unique way of really seeing a student, and then knowing just the tools to implement to facilitate their excellence & unlock their potential. 

Bec is trained in all genres and styles of movement, her love of all things creative, theatre, music, performance and art all come into play

Paralleled with her gifts & insights as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher. 

Rebecca has also studied Integrative Health and Wellbeing....

NLP, self hypnosis and re-programming of limiting beliefs. 

Her love and passion is an activation of creativity, connection, building tangible life skills, confidence and a sense of community wherever she facilitates. 


My Philosophy 

 Pure, Positive Dance. 

Taken from the Esther Hicks quote

"You are Pure Positive Energy..."

*Unlock your potential, dive deep and feel supported as we address any limiting doubts, thoughts, worries, fears or beliefs.

*Feel supported with strategies to combat anxiety that goes along with performance, dance and everyday life.

*Feel the benefits as I hone in on technique, develop your strengths and assets, PLUS address perceived weakness'.

*Feel guided holistically in movement, with intention to really owning and connecting to what you are doing. 

*Receive choreography that is unique & speaks to you, that in some way your voice is seen and heard through the movement. 

It’s all very intuitive and intentional … which is, mostly how I love to live my life.

What is it..?

Movement Piece ...

Holistic Training. Coaching. Technique. Improvement. Potential.  Choreography. Creativity. 


Mindset Piece ...

Working with the mindset to support improvement & growth, aligned directly with goals and intentions to achieve outcomes, activate creativity and facilitate growth & offer support. 

This is for you if…

You are ready to uplevel in your technique and training.

You enjoy a challenge and being “encouraged” outside of your comfort zone.

Dance is a possible career choice, and this is your training ground.

You are looking for support and creative guidance, an ‘edge’ and that next level in your training. 


SOLO students …. 

We prepare, rehearse existing routines - this is about taking them and you to the next level. 

We work on technical aspects, strength training & control

We work on unlocking creativity with new routines & intentional choreography creation. 


GROUP coaching … 

You bring me in as the ‘master eye’ … to connect the dots, to add value, to create intention and meaning with the movement. 

To introduce a new way of feeling the  movement and new ways of moving. 

To coach the group mentality.

To polish. 

To technically improve and grow the group together. 

For a team bonding and shared experience.

To create, activate creativity and generate new choreography.

Bring Bec into your studio to facilitate her signature 90min Open Movement Class! It's like an introduction into the way I 'move' & 'facilitate.


Giuliana Carniato
Brent St graduate, currently performing in Moulin Rouge

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 12.05_edited.jpg

What people Say

"From the minute Rebecca walks into our studios she is professional, thoroughly explains the story she is portraying and teaches choreography with fluidity so that students can understand exactly what is needed for her projects.

She helps them to grow not only as dancers but also as confident and creative people and artists - they walk out of her classes stronger, mature and
much more confident and at peace with themselves. 

- Jade Naidu, Owner & Director of WPAS and Founder & Creative Director of NAIDU Theatre Co

Olivia .jpeg

There are an extremely limited number of people that I have met that have influenced me in the same way that Miss B has, or has committed to my own personal development when I was Elite training with her. 


I 100% believe that if I hadn't met or been taught by Miss B, I wouldn't be the dancer or person I am today. 

Bec has taught me so much, not only about myself, but also about my interactions with others and the world around me, taught me about the beauty and power of nature, and the value of self expression.

I am so proud of the adult I have become, and I know that my parents are proud of me too.

I love telling people that I have been your student, and I am so proud of where I came from. 

Bec and the training @ WDS / WPAS will forever be one of my biggest milestones and is a HUGE aspect in shaping my identity, dance style & success I now enjoy.

Olivia Carniato

Graduate of Brent St Full Time.
Currently performing in Hamilton

Tegan .jpeg

Tegan Haley


Rebecca, aka Miss B is such an amazing person & teacher.

There is no way I would be where I am right now without Bec’s guidance and mentoring, & there is no other studio I would rather have grown up in than WDS / WPAS. 

I love how Bec pushed me to be my greatest, because without it I wouldn't be a confident dancer, teacher & person I am today.

I think positively and look beyond all the outcomes. 

Thank you Bec, for all your hard work not only with me but for others in making us the dancers and people we are today.

Thank you for being such an amazing inspiring teacher.

Graduate of Ikin Dance Full Time.
Full Time Dance Teacher

Graduate of The Next Step Performing Arts Full Time

Rach Thorncraft

Rach .jpeg

The elite coaching sessions with my daughter Dee have been of great benefit for her mind, body and spirit. 

Rebecca has been able to share techniques that provide Dee with tools to cope with the demands of a teenagers busy life. 

Being able to ground herself when dealing with the pressures of school, home and dance has been something that we as parents have truly seen the most change in. 

Dee is definitely feeling more confident, calm and focussed. She is currently working towards goals set during her sessions. Thanks so much

Full Time "Dance Mum" to
Cal and Dee


Delilah Thorncraft


After my coaching session with Miss B, I feel like I have 'woken up' emotionally. I am much better at dealing with everyday stress. 

I have acceptance within myself and with this comes a greater connection with everything else in my life. 

The tools and techniques Miss B has shared I am using at school, home and dance. I am looking forward to learning more in future sessions.

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 3.15.38 pm.png

"I feel that Rebecca is truly in her prime, both as an artist and as a
human being. There is a wealth of knowledge that flows freely from her to everyone she comes in contact with, leaving a lasting

impression on those who are lucky enough to spend time in her presence. I greatly recommend Rebecca on so many levels, as she will always
bring 100% of her special understanding & powerful pizazz to any
project or experience."


- Jason Winters Contemporary Dance Teacher & choreographer

Creator of the JW Contemporary Syllabus. 

Connect with bec..

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You will receive an email with more details about how we can work together 1:1! 

Solo Investment 

$88 / 60mins

Group Coaching 

Email Bec directly to discuss her coming to your studio or school. 
Contact Bec directly

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“The dancer of the future will be one whose body and soul have grown so harmoniously together that the natural language of that soul will have become the movement of the body. This is the mission of the dancer of the future. She is coming, the dancer of the future: the free spirit, who will inhabit the body of new women; more glorious than any woman that has yet been; more beautiful than all women in past centuries: The highest intelligence in the freest body.”
- Isadora Duncan 1909

Ready to go ahead..?

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Photography by Rachel Thorncraft Photography

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