"I simply LOVE a good juicy collaboration. It truly lights me up". 

Women holding space together, raisng each other up and sharing our own unique energetic offering and vibration.


Goddess Circles, full day retreats, Immersions, workshops and online offerings.  

Book Rebecca to facilitate your own unique healing Womens Circle experience event; 


Hens weekends 

Coming of age circles

Teens mentoring circles 

Baby shower blessings 

Any occasion is a good occasion to gather in circle and celebrate.

Rebecca brings a sense of ritual and connection to her circles & sacred spaces she facilitates.

She offers insight and guidance from a vast array of experience and expertise; including dance & movement, energy healing, intuition, meditation, yoga, goddess work & feminine emobodiment practises. 

Rebecca tunes in and is led through soul, heart & intuitive guidance as to how to best serve and facilitate the energy that is present. 


Creator of Sacred Space

Rebecca collaborates locally on in-person events, but also online. 

Ritual, Embodiment, Sacred Adornment. 

Connect. Open. Move. Embody.

Who I am Collaborating With Now..?  

Anna Miley for our #yogababy

YOGA In The Gardens & YOGA In The Mud (Brick Hall)

Find out MORE 


For the woman whose talents weren't obvious

For the woman who felt she had nothing extraordinary to give the world...

A little ember whispered: "

You're here to do big things!"

" You're here to change them!"

That whisper became louder!

And louder till she could no longer ignore it!!

It's time to step up,

It's time to put it out there!

If you have decided that 2021 is the year you won't sit still

You won't play small

You won't let 'them' tell you what you ought to be doing or how your life should run

If you have decided that 2021 is the year you will start a fire and 



This is your event! 

MOMENTUM is the energetic container filled with women who will be your spark so that you can burn that fire and have Momentum in your business


For Soul led Women who have decided that 2021 is the year they will start or rebrand their business


20 business savvy Women

20 workshops on everything from starting to running a Soul led business 

2 weeks

To help you gain MOMENTUM


My In Person Sacred Women's Circle:

Woolgoolga Mud Brick Hall

Sat 27th FEB 3.30-5.30pm $33



Want to chat to me about a future collaboration or event...? I'd love to hear from you. Reach out HERE

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What people say...

Bec is enthusiastic, intuitive, playful, funny & energetic, and I am loving the offerings she is providing our community.  She has created an absolute gem with Sacred Women’s Biz - a beautifully supported, nourishing and sacred space for women to recognise, honour and let their Goddess energy shine!!  Sing, dance, move, play & let go of our inhibitions. Every session has something uniquely different to offer.  I felt wonderfully alive, sexy, reflective and deeply inspired creatively... my wings were open.  So grateful to Bec for providing this beautiful space of sharing.  Add to that.. Goddess Immersion Workshops, Energy Healing & Soul Reads, and the package is complete, to restore & support on all levels.

—  Julie- Anne Glur Singer / Songwriter 

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Rebecca Ross Sacred Biz


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Images by Lu Townsend Photography & Teo Ross Productions