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Up & Coming Events...


POP UP Open Movement 

Bec hosts her signature creative movement dance class at a location close to you! 

Connection. Creativity. Community

2 hours of Movement + Music Medicine!

TIX $33 bookings online (link below)

First date in GRAFTON, NSW  

Sat APRIL 2nd, 3-5pm 

Book and Read more below 


POP UP Yoga Circle

Bec hosts her signature & unique YOGA FUSION Circle fortnightly in Woolgoolga

Connection. Yoga. Sound Healing & Guidance.

90mins of nourishment & receiving 

TIX $20 bookings online (link below)

First date in COFFS, NSW  


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Open Movement, Grafton...

I'll meet you on the dance floor

Pop Up Open Movement

Bec's signature movement class goes on tour! 

Join Bec Ross, as she facilitate her creative movement dance class POP UP in Grafton.

SAT APRIL 2nd, 3-5pm @ Paua Yoga Studio

Our 2 hours together will start with 

*welcome connection & check in

*followed by intentional breath & yoga warm up

*then the movement + music piece: intentional songs and moves to open up the body & UNLOCK the joy.

most of all we make it FUN! 

*we close the space with a guided meditation and sound healing

BYO Yoga mat, water bottle and dress as you FEEL! 

This is a JUDGEMENT & EXPECTATION free Movement class! Come as you are! 

We use movement to bypass the mind and bring the awareness into the body & heart connection: coming back home to you!

The dance floor is most sacred of spaces! I'll meet you there!

TIX $33 book online: tickets are strickly limited!

Read more about OPEN MOVEMENT with Bec HERE


What People say..


"OPEN MOVEMENT was exactly what I needed, I loved everything about what you provided in the space, the spiritual experience, the yoga, the dancing, the freedom, the safety, the love, the happiness - the rawness of it all! Thanks a million for all that you do, it resonated 100% with me, and my light has definitely been dimmed for many reasons. I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face. And I feel like I am back!" - Bonnie, from Flowers by Bonnie, Grafton

Read More about the magic of OPEN MOVEMENT with Bec HERE

Yoga Fusion...

I'll meet you in the circle

Pop Up Yoga Fusion Fortnightly Offering

Bec's signature Yoga Fusion Circle fortnightly practise

Join Bec Ross, as she facilitate her intimate healing & nourishing unique YOGA circle.

Next class SAT 26th MARCH, 7am 

8 Boundary St, Wooloogoolga.

Our 90mins together will start with 

*welcome connection, setting up the space & check in

*gentle and opening intentional YOGA movement, with breath connection

*hands on support

*we close the space with a guided meditation and sound healing to really anchor in the energy and support. 

BYO Yoga mat, water bottle and any other props you like to prcat

This is a sacred space & intimate healing circle. 

Yoga. Movement. Healing & Guidance Immersion. 

This space is created for you, to receive. 

TIX $20 book online: tickets are strickly limited!


Read more about Bec's YOGA FUSION Here


What People say..

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"Bec's YOGA FUSION practise was magic!

It was open and freeing and powerful. 

At the beginning there was a great comfort of the held space and support.  It’s so very powerful doing yoga in a circle ... love it !!! 

Will be at the next one for sure!" 

- Tamily from The Good Beautician in Coffs Harbour

Read More about Bec's unique YOGA FUSION practise HERE


Would you like to host a Sacred Womens Circle, event, immersion or Movement class with Bec...?

Grab 10 of your besties and lets make the magic happen!

Women holding space together, raisng each other up and sharing our own unique energetic offering and vibration.


Goddess Circles, full day retreats, Immersions, workshops and online offerings.

Book Rebecca to facilitate your own unique healing Womens Circle & Movement experience event; 


Birthdays Hens weekends 

Coming of age circles Teens mentoring circles 

Baby shower blessings 

Any occasion is a good occasion to gather in circle and celebrate.

Rebecca brings a sense of ritual and connection to her circles & sacred spaces she facilitates.

She offers insight and guidance from a vast array of experience and expertise; including dance & movement, energy healing, intuition, meditation, yoga, goddess work & feminine emobodiment practises. 

Rebecca tunes in and is led through soul, heart & intuitive guidance as to how to best serve and facilitate the energy that is present. 

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Creator of Sacred Space

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Rebecca collaborates locally on in-person events, & also online. 

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Ritual, Embodiment, Sacred Adornment. 

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What people say...

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Bec is enthusiastic, intuitive, playful, funny & energetic, and I am loving the offerings she is providing our community.  She has created an absolute gem with Sacred Women’s Biz - a beautifully supported, nourishing and sacred space for women to recognise, honour and let their Goddess energy shine!!  Sing, dance, move, play & let go of our inhibitions. Every session has something uniquely different to offer.  I felt wonderfully alive, sexy, reflective and deeply inspired creatively... my wings were open.  So grateful to Bec for providing this beautiful space of sharing.  Add to that.. Goddess Immersion Workshops, Energy Healing & Soul Reads, and the package is complete, to restore & support on all levels.

—  Julie- Anne Glur Singer / Songwriter