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Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance &

1:1 Support with Bec


Hey Beautifuls!

Preparing your energy for the winding down of  TWENTY 22:

What better way to give the gift of a healing experience & intuitive guidance to self OR

a loved one!


It's time to put self care, healing, balance, inner peace and your own wellbeing at the top of the list!


If not now... WHEN?

What needs healing & shifting & where do you need support..?

Where is there OPPORTUNITY in your life for change..?

AND - are you willing..?


These HEALING & GUIDANCE BUNDLES create the perfect opportunity to faciliate deep change as a powerful healing GIFT to a loved one

OR, more specifially a GIFT to self. 

If this is the permission you need to gift yourself: permission granted! 


Bundle 1: 3 Month Full Moon Intuitive Guidance Bundle 

Bundle 2: 3 Month Healing & Guidance Bundle 

Bundle 3: Yoga + Healing Session Bundle (Saturday's only)


Bundle #1

3 x Monthly Full Moon Intuitive Guidance Download
for insight and clarity


Bundle Includes:

*3 x monthly FULL MOON reads, on or around the time of the Full Moon. 

Each month for 3 months, you will get an Intuitive Voice Memo Download + a picture of the spread to listen to & refer back to for your month. 

Intentional Questions: 

1. Current energy

2. Gift or lesson of this moon

3. What do you need to let go of? 

4. What support do you need?

5. Next Action Step ..?

6. Theme card for the moon and the month to tie it all together

Investment: $55 / month

Click through to select the time of your first read

You will then be re-directed to PayPal to start the first of

3 x monthly payments of $55


Please Note: I will connect with your energy remotely, you do not need to be online with me. Just take a deep breath, drink some water & open your energy. 


Bundle #2

3 Month Healing, Coaching &
Guidance with Bec for ongoing transformation & support


Bundle Includes:

*3 x 2hr 1:1 Intuitive Healing & Coaching Session with me for 3 months

one session a month, online or in-person

(Value $465)

*3 x Monthly guidance voice memo downloads for each month for

 (Value $155) 

* Voxer support after each session where we get to chat and check in with each other. 

*Tree Meditation Guided Process Recording for deep rest, healing & protection.

Your Total Investment: for 3 months $666

3 x monthly payments of $222

Click the link above and you will be re-directed to paypal to start your first monthly payment. Then payment 2 & 3 will automatically come out each month.

Wether this is a gift for a loved one, or a gift to self: 

you will be re-directed to a "Bundle Goodies" page with guided Tree Meditation with booking link for1:1 Sessions.


Bundle #3

Sat 7am Yoga Fusion +
90min 1:1 Healing Session
"Self Love & self care Saturday's"


Bundle Includes:

*1 SAT morning 7am Yoga Fusion Class 

read more HERE

*1 x 90minute 1:1 Energy Healing Session

read more HERE

I discovered this by accident when a client booked in a 1:1 session with me after her YOGA class.


The energy was SO ready, the door had been opened through the intentional YOGA practise already, our energy was attuned and we were ready to dive right in! 

The session was powerful, and there is something magnificent about stacking two ‘self- love, self - care’ practises on top of each other like this.

You make it a YOU day! 


YOGA FUSION to open, clear, ground and align your energy, mind & body

1:1 SESSION to attune, shift & offer support for what wants to come through.

Investment: $150

How to BOOK: click the link below

Choose your Saturday date & book your 1:1 session time (either 9.30am or 12pm.

You will be redirected to paypal to login in and pay $150, then back to calendly page to hit

“schedule appointment”. 

You will immediately get a confirmation booking email and so will I! 

I will add you to our YOGA FUSION class for that Saturday.

Sat Healing 1:1 time with me

A check in afterwards to see how the energy is rolling.

Please note, these sessions are 90mins - not the usual 2hr Healing & Coaching 1:1 I offer.

This is simply because we have had the benefit of our YOGA practice and connection already as a precursor for the energy.

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Yoga Fusion 

"Thank you Bec for the practice of YOGA FUSION: for the joy, relief & spiritual guidance I received when attending your heavenly classes!

Bec’s Yoga Fusion provides a safe, warm comforting bubble of divine bliss in which to escape the turmoil & angst of today’s world."

- Sally


Working 1:1 with Me

"Completely encompassing what it is to be a guide for others, Bec holds great compassion, incredible awareness, a deep understanding of the human body and health, and also consciously practices what she teaches. It’s so inspiring to witness and helps keep the path ahead clear and focused." - Heidi


Now put that together!

And that's what this BUNDLE is all about!

This will suit you if

*You are looking for regular energy maintenance, clearing, healing and support. 

*You are looking for regular guidance with your energy and ways to

connect into your own intuition. 

*You are looking to align more with the cycles of your life, and the energy of the moon. 

*You are looking for ‘shifts’ and ways to (re)- claim your energy and feel empowered. 

*You are looking for tools and techniques to implement into your life - life skills. 

*You are looking for connection and FREEDOM: body, mind ,& spirit

*You are looking to step into TWENTY 22 aligned and activated with your full self. 

What my 1;1 Clients say

"I cannot thank you enough for this experience, Bec. 

Our 1:1 sessions were sometimes light and encouraging and other times were a bit more intense, however every session was beneficial in altering my perspective of myself. In our last session we talked about how much easier it is for me to meditate now, and to practice visualisations through mediation.

When I first started, I found it so so hard to relax. My mind would constantly wander.

Each session was like unlocking something I had been holding on to, which I sometimes didn't even realise I had been holding on to.


And the weekly reads have given me purpose and guidance too. I've been able to listen to them on a Monday and then check in with them each day to acknowledge what might be in store for me for that day."

- Karli

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I look forward to supporting you 


Not sure where to start? 

Book a free 30min "How can I help" call with me.