Welcome. You have arrived​

Welcome Beauty, Take a breath - pause. Exhale. 

Let me hold you in sacred space with loving arms. Let me welcome you - all of you.


You are here. You have arrived. 

Settle. Ground. Be. Nourish. Receive. Replenish. 


This is an energetic investment ... in YOU

This is me in your back pocket “the energetic swiss army knife” with all my tools

- ready to serve purposefully. 


  • 6 sessions of  Intuitive Mentoring / Energy Healing sessions face 2 face ONLINE or in-person: weekly / fortnightly / monthly - you choose. 

  • Meditation, energy healing, breath work, intuitive guidance and healing, movement, self hypnosis and re-programming

  • 6 x sessions of an intuitive card read: to support your energy and transformation, delivered on a Monday PLUS a  theme card to tie it all in together. You receive a voice memo and a picture. 

  • Me in your back pocket via the APP Voxer voice messaging where you can debrief & download with me, and I will reply within 24-48hrs hrs with my insights, wisdom & support. 


Let’s get you set up with a TOOL KIT to use and roll out in your everyday life… 

Let's get you SUPPORTED 


  • You're ready to step into the next level version of you

  • You feel the weight of everyday life want to unlock and unblock

  • You're constantly holding space for others and want to feel supported yourself

  • You are ready to tune into your intuition and own inner wisdom

  • You're ready to release stagnant energy to make space for renewal

You are your best investment


6 x session instalments $222AUD (weekly / fortnightly or monthly) 



In a short couple of months since I begun yoga sessions with Bec I have experienced a deep transformation.

I have been able to shift so many energetic blocks, ground myself firmly and embody many spiritual principals I have worked on for years to now be able to truly live from that space outwards.

Rebecca is a true heart centred healer who dedicates her full attention in sessions in an intuitive, nurturing and gentle ways. She creates a safe space for me to become aware of certain patterns, blockages stored in my physical/energetic body and in my mind. Rebecca listens and observes, intuitively guides you to a possibility of bringing to surface what is needed by combining movement, breath, meditation and other spiritual elements. I find that Rebecca accommodated sessions to best suit me exactly where I am on my life journey now. I’m forever grateful to Rebecca and could not recommend her service highly enough.

-  Alya

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Images by Lu Townsend Photography & Teo Ross Productions