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Welcome Beauty. You have arrived​

How can I help..?


Take a breath - pause. Exhale. 

Let me hold you in sacred space with loving arms. Let me welcome you - all of you.

Settle. Ground. Be. Nourish. Receive & Replenish. 

What would it take for you to feel “SUPPORTED” in your life…?


Working 1:1 with me in this way is me meeting you where you are at… and rolling out a doable plan in your life. 

This is the REAL WORK. 

I go deep. I get REAL..


But I’ve GOT YOU.


Deep Intentional, internal, sometimes uncomfortable work. 

This is long lasting change, rolling out in your life. 

This is DEEP reprogramming and shifting.  


But… I’ve GOT YOU. 

What's your life look like right now ..? 

What are you working on ..?

What is calling for improvement in your life ..? 


This is me in your back pocket “the energetic swiss army knife” with all my tools

- ready to serve purposefully. 

Feeling held ...Feeling supported is #nextlevel healing vibes ..

You lean back and take a seat. 



You concentrate on healing, shifting, unraveling and - yep - even feeling uncomfortable.

It’s OK … I've GOT YOU

AS we GROW and EXPAND in life ..


Thing's come up … 

Whatever is old or outdated; stories, beliefs, habits, programs, emotions ..

Whatever is stored in the body somewhere … that shiz is gonna come up. 

This will appear in your life like wounds or blocks. 

This stuff holds us back!


Maybe you sense their is another way to do life, you've glimpsed moments of it, a sense of peace, or ease. 

In SUPPORTED, we priortise your wellbeing, we look at all areas,and pour some love and attention into Filling Up The Cup of your LIFE - with the things you want!

You just need some help right ..? 

You just need the tools in your tool kit.. 

You just need to FEEL SUPPORTED

Let's light you up baby … Let's bring that illumination FULLY into you … 

Let’s really awaken the parts of you that are powerful & all knowing…

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You are your best investment

Whats it look like?

SUPPORTED for 3 months

6 x fortnightly sessions 1:1, face 2 face or ONLINE

10 x Weekly Guidance Voice Memo Downloads in your INBOX each Monday

12 weeks of ongoing Support through the APP VOXER

Signature Yoga Program designed specifially for you. 


Book a 1:1 How Can I Help Call to discuss if this is for you.

Lets get you SUPPORTED.


INVESTMENT​ $1,555 Pay in Full


Payment Plan Option 

6 x Fortnightly Payments of $266

Supported is for you if..

You are already doing the work & looking for #nextlevelvibes... but not sure how to get there...

You are on a healing journey ...but are looking for some tools & support.

You sense something is holding you back and bring with you a willingness to shift.

You are open to the possibility of change and transformation.

You are constantly holding space for others and "doing all the things".


SUPPORTED is the VIP combination of all my tools and gifts! 

 I have a LIMITED amount of spaces for my 1:1 clients in my SUPPORTED PROGRAM.

This is so I can hold you gently & lovingly in this space... 

You just bring the willingness & the desire for change. 

Being of utmost SERVICE to you and what you need - is my jam and priority.

There are 3 SPOTS in my next intake starting SEPTEMBER

It's truly my honour to work 1:1 in this wayIf this is you & resonates, Let's GO! Lets work together. Lets get you SUPPORTED.

Supported Client, Heidi says...

As a single mother of three, director of two businesses and someone currently dealing with personal health issues, working with Bec in her Supported Program has been pivotal for my healing journey. Helping me to remain positive, relieve stress and shift negative energy as I navigate this period of life.


Completely encompassing what it is to be a guide for others, Bec holds great compassion, incredible awareness, a deep understanding of the human body and health, and also consciously practices what she teaches. It’s so inspiring to witness and helps keep the path ahead clear and focused.


Every week I’ve been excited for Bec’s insight through my personal readings which I listen to whenever I wish, her advice and accessibility via the Voxer app which allows me to reach out whenever I may need her abundant knowledge and support, and of course our ‘one on one’ sessions, which positively enhance my energy and thought patterns for the coming week.


Bec has seen me look deeper and find a greater understanding of myself, my circumstances, my fellow human’s and the many obstacles and stages we face in life and how best I can work through them. The encouragement, uplift, heartfelt care, energy and wisdom shared has made this journey nourishing and peaceful… where before this support was quite strenuous and lonely.


Bec’s Supported Program is a must for anyone wishing to connect with their highest self and be assisted greatly in doing so, in a nurturing and elevating environment, with a total legend by your side!

Heidi, Mum of 3 & Business Owner

What else my clients say...

Alja Hopkins

Coherence Personal Counselling

"In a short couple of months since I have begun sessions with Bec I have experienced a deep transformation.

I have been able to shift so many energetic blocks, ground myself firmly and embody many spiritual principals I have worked on for years to now be able to truly live from that space outwards."

"Rebecca is a true heart centred healer who dedicates her full attention in sessions in an intuitive, nurturing and gentle ways. She creates a safe space for me to become aware of certain patterns, blockages stored in my physical/energetic body and in my mind. Rebecca listens and observes, intuitively guides you to a possibility of bringing to surface what is needed by combining movement, breath, meditation and other spiritual elements."


Jason Winters

The Winters Experience

"What an incredible way to start my week, I have become completely addicted, and look forward to my Monday with a sense of childhood enthusiasm!

I’ve noticed that having a guide for each day allows me to be more aware of what energies are in store for me on that day with a feeling of having some sort of 6th sense about what is possible or waiting just around the corner for me.Sometimes,Bec’s readings are so spot on, I feel like she’s tapped into some sort of super power.

I feel more confident, more inspired, and more connected to the universe then ever before in my 48yrs of living this life. THANK YOU Bec for reminding me that there are guides and forces working with me to help me appreciate the best of myself, and also to help me get through the challenging times that are here for me to learn from."

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Not sure where to start? 

Book a free 30min "How Can I help" Call with me 

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