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With Bec & Felicity Skye


Looking to explore, learn and develop the use of Tarot as a tool in your everyday life..?

Whether you're a beginner looking to open up that intuitive pathway, or have a regular Tarot practise - gathering together in this way really calls in the magick.


This is a fun, like - minded, like - spirited gathering. 

We use the cards as an energetic doorway to magickal connection and learn how to read these in a way that relates & translates into everyday life. 


This is about adding a tools in your ‘life kit’ - a way for you to support yourself, tune into your own intuitive guidance and open that channel in a safe way. 


This will be a fun, creative circle - woven with the energy and spirit of each of us that is drawn to be here.

We invite you to our

Introduction to Tarot Matserclass, Sun OCT 16, 2-4pm. 


This intro session will then lead you into our 5 class program

Tarot Card Reading Club, coming soon.

We gather Fortnightly! You’ll know if this is for you..


Find out more below and join us on this beautiful journey!

Hey Goddess


Introduction to Tarot Masterclass

A one off afternoon of magick & goodess, shared together in-personSun Oct 16, 2-4pm, in Woolgoolga
TIX $88: Includes afternoon tea + Felicity Sky's book "Tarot For Now"


What is it...?

Goddess' UNITE & join us in this joyful, expansive gathering! 

We explore: 

*Tarot; how and why it is useful

*Telling the future

 *Personal development and psychological tool

*Can be used as a professional service

 *Why having a journal will help develop your reading style

*Do a collective read

*Symbology as a tool of psychic vision

*What is your unique way of intuitively seeing

*Tools to balance the out of balance elements revealed in spreads.

You will need: 

*Your deck, or buy a deck on sight or use one that’s available to use on the day

*Journal + pen

*A crystal to activate 

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Includes afternoon tea + a copy of Felicitiy Skye's book Tarot For Now (value $25)

Once you've dipped your toe in & experienced the potential of TAROT, 
we'd love to invite you to DIVE DEEPER into the magick and support that TAROT can bring to your life through our fortnightly gathering, 5 session course:

introducing the..


Keep reading to find out about this immersive collaboration between Bec & Felicity Skye


Tarot Card Reading Club

We meet once a fornight for 5 sessions & classes to
explore the sacred art of tarot, and how to use it in your life
Dates & details coming soon


What it looks like

We gather intentionally each fortnight  - to learn the art &  tools of reading and interpreting tarot to use as a tangible tool in your life.We discuss oils, crystals, chakras, meditation & movement - and link it all in with the TAROT ... Like a complete system!

We then go home and use this for the up & coming fortnight to integrate & journal what you notice. 

With support and check in’s - connection via messenger group, we keep the energy grounded and supportive together. 



*Our desire is to support the tangible use of tarot in your everyday life. 

*Cultivate a deeper pathway & connection to your own intuition.

*Create rituals to deeply honour the fabric of life.

*Gather like-minded & spirited individuals to celebrate & ignite sparks of joy.

*Develop this program into an online offering 2023


You will need: 

*Your dedicated journal + pen

*Your deck (or purchase a deck off Felicity Skye) 

*A crystal to activate (each week)

*Felicity Skye’s book Tarot for Now ($25 if not already purchased) 


We visit the symbolism, the energy, the transformational and

supportive qualities of each of these and how to use them in your life. 


Investment: 5 x fortnightly payments of $88.

DOORS to the CLUB will open soon to this delicious and JUICY collaboration between

Bec & Felicity Skye - until then register your interest in the CLUB below and stay in the know! 

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Thank you! We will be in touch via email soon! (Check your junk mail) 

Tarot Club Schedule & Overview



The Majors


We explore: 

*The major arcana as archetypes for the journey of life.

*The steps of each cycle and how the fool begins the new journey.

*How we can use them as a manifestation tool.

*Explore the theta consciousness and do an exercise to develop the right mind set.

*Develop our psychic intuitive strength. 

*Discuss the akashic records and how to access.




The suit of Air or Swords


We explore: 

*How do archangels fit in…AA Raphael. 

*How does air present in our lives-balanced and imbalanced.

*How this relates to the mental body, the mind, communication, ideas, psychological matters and spiritual issues

*Exercises and meditations to explore and further strengthen the intuition

*Smudging to clear and protect

*Three card spread




The suit of Fire or Wands


We explore: 

*AA Michael

*How does fire present in our lives

*It represents enthusiasm, creativity, talents, adventure, zest

*Candle ritual & magick

*Celtic card spread



The Suit of Water or Cups


We explore: 

*AA Gabriel

*How does water present in our lives

*It represents love, emotions, the realm of water offers extreme experiences of happiness to devastation

*Spritzers and flower essences

*Relationship spread


The element of Earth or Pentacles


For our closing circle

We explore: 

*AA Uriel

* How it represents money, health, grounding, security, work

* Often seen as a pentagram… and how everything else comes into an earthly balanced life


*Chakra spread for health and wellbeing

*How to use magical workings to shift unwanted outcomes and shift old cycles


About Felicity Skye & Bec 


Felicity has been reading tarot cards for thirty years.

As well as working in the massage and healing industry for 30 years, she then brought the two together moving into spiritual healing. 

Felicity is a Reiki master and have shared and taught many others this gift. 

A published author, Felicity has created 4 oracle decks and written 4 books including the top selling “Awaken Your Ancient DNA”.

She has been running workshops and meditation groups for 25 years: teaching & facilitating goddess work, healing and tarot classes. 

Felicity is a celebrated artist and loves painting and drawing, inspired by the spiritual visions she has been blessed with over the years. 

She works on personal spiritual images for individuals so they can connect to their guides and personal medicine. 

Felicity sells these spiritual artworks individually and is available for commission. 

I also joined with another and ran several mind, body spirit festivals. 

Felicity is a mother of three and loves beauty, nature and all things magical.

Forrest bec_edited.jpg

Rebecca is a women’s facilitator, energy healer, intuitive coach, dance & movement mentor, activator and yoga teacher. 

Her work lies in embodiment - guiding others to embody and awaken their gifts, talents and innate wisdom. 


She is not a “fixer”… but a space holder, and celebrates the sacred arts of ritual, dance, colour, sound, breath and movement… 


Rebecca uses tools such as: yoga, guided meditation, sacred plants, oils, crystals, sound healing, energy medicine, EFT, NLP, chakra clearing and re-balancing, insights and guidance received through her intuitive channels. 


Rebecca owned her own Dance Studio Biz for over 17 years, when she experienced a complete re-set, unravelling of self, transformation and healing. 

Rebecca speaks from her embodied experiences and wisdom. 

She loves nature, to dance, laugh and play - using voice, song and movement as a source of creative expression and a way to unlock stagnant or stuck energies.


Have questions ?

Send Bec an email here

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