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Within you lies the wisdom, the guidance, your own intuitive knowing...

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Me in your inbox every MONDAY with a 8 card spread to set up and guide your week


You will get: 

  • 7 cards, one for each day PLUS a weekly theme card to tie all the energy together.

  • Insight and info on how to ‘use’ this information.

  • Voice Memo Recording of the weekly read.

  • A picture of the spread to refer to throughout the week. 


These cards are powerful and supportive in their energy!

My aim is ultimately for you to be able to drop in and tap into your intuition more - imagine these cards are like a ‘stepping stone’ or a ‘tool’ for that… they are merely speaking to your intuition - through me.


You will gain a deeper understanding and insight on how to work ‘with’ the energy that's presented, not against it. 

Create more flow in life. 

Be on the front foot of creating your week, your way. 


This is a supportive service, my aim is always to create integrity & honesty with the work I do. 


If this resonates with you …BOOK YOUR MONTH and let's get started $122

What People say...

"Every week I’ve been excited for Bec’s insight through my personal readings which I listen to whenever I wish, her advice and accessibility via the Voxer app which allows me to reach out whenever I may need her abundant knowledge and support." 


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"Just imagine opening a ‘GIFT of GUIDANCE’ on a Monday morning, full of Gems for each day of the week! 

That’s exactly what was given to me. I was feeling stuck, struggling with decisions on how to move forward in my life. Bec connected with my Spirit, my Nature, and my beloved feathered friends.

With the  intuitive messages I was given practical tools to help me stay on track, to focus and how to embrace change. Through intuitive guidance hidden gems were revealed which I could not see through my clouded mind.

Bec imprinted the positive in my memory the Gifts I have, giving me hope and clarity. Thankyou Bec for your grace, humour and love. For keeping it real and reconnecting me to the path of Spirit, my true Nature...forever grateful for your Gift of Guidance."



"Such wonderful guidance. Thank you. I feel steady and ready for the week ahead. Looking forward to it all unfolding. Your presence in my life is truly appreciated."



Want to know more about how to work with me...?
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Ask me about SUPPORTED - My Signature VIP Mentoring Packaged: 
Weekly Intuitive Guidance and fortnightly Healing & Coaching sessions combined! 

Not sure where to start? 

Book a free 30min "How Can I help" call with me 


What an incredible way to start my week, I have become completely addicted, and look forward to my Monday with a sense of childhood enthusiasm!


I’ve noticed that having a guide for each day allows me to be more aware of what energies are in store for me on that day with a feeling of having some sort of 6th sense about what is possible or waiting just around the corner for me. Sometimes Bec’s readings are so spot on, I feel like she’s tapped into some sort of super power.


I feel more confident, more inspired, and more connected to the universe then ever before in my 48yrs of living this life. THANK YOU Bec for reminding me that there are guides and forces working with me to help me appreciate the best of myself, and also to help me get through the challenging times that are here for me to learn from.

- Jason Winters

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