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Free pop up Event in the Woopi community

Sat 30th & Sun 31st July 7am Yoga

Sat & Sun 8am Funky Town Movement Project

Join Bec Ross in a morning fun YOGA class where you can “wake and shake” your body alive. Through intentional movement, breath and yoga shapes - Bec facilitates a fun class for the community to feel connected, grounded, centred, energised and ready for the DAY! 

 Let’s Join together to "Greet the Sun" with Bec Sat and Sun @ 7am.

Class is for all levels! BYO Yoga mat.

It’s Bec’s intention to ‘break down the barriers’ around movement and dance! 

Especially those that think “I can’t dance”! Movement is for everyone! 

 Join Bec Ross in a fun, JOYFUL connected movement class that will have you moving and grooving like never before. Let's get WOOPI dancing! 

We are going to show everyone just how FUNKY Woopi really is!


Move Your Body, Feel The Shift

FREEDOM lies within!

I truly know the benefits and deep healing qualities an emobodied practise can have on the body, mind and spirit.

For me, an intentional movement practise is a way to "unpack", "connect in" and awaken our own innate wisdom that our body has.


 Join one of my FREEDOM Movement Sessions below... 


BEC hosts her Adult Open Movement:

Creative movement dance class

@14 Featherstone Dr

TUES 7.30pm

Next Block: AUG 9 - SEPT 20

7 weeks of juicy movement!




with Bec either ONLINE or In-Person





Sat 7-8.30am,  8 Boundary St, Woolgoolga



Join my free group

Just imagine if I had a REAL space for movement & healing. 

A shop front if you will. 


An Intuitive Healing Space where I facilitate movement, yoga, healing, guidance, work 1:1 and offer courses and programs.

This is the VIRTUAL, reality of that space!

The Intention has been set to MOVE.HEAL.CONNECT


"There is nothing more powerful than a

group of women coming together"

Connection Community Creativity

What people say...

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"Bec’s dance class was beyond awesome, I absolutely loved it. I’ve been looking for something like this since I moved here 3 years ago and now I've found it.

It made my heart and soul sing. I left feeling so happy, empowered and full of creative life force. Her classes are a real gift to the community. Can’t wait for the next one!"

—  Georgie


Want to collaborate with me..?
Check out my events page. 

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“I have always loved dancing but have never participated in formal dance class. I was unsure what to expect and if I would be capable but Bec makes it fun, inclusive and caters for all levels.  Going to class is one of the highlights of my week. AOM is doing something purely for me and purely for joy. Thanks Bec for the gift of dance each week”

- Kate

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“The dancer of the future will be one whose body and soul have grown so harmoniously together that the natural language of that soul will have become the movement of the body. This is the mission of the dancer of the future. She is coming, the dancer of the future: the free spirit, who will inhabit the body of new women; more glorious than any woman that has yet been; more beautiful than all women in past centuries: The highest intelligence in the freest body.”
- Isadora Duncan 1909

Not sure where to start? 

Book a free 30min 'How Can I help'  call with me

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