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"Back to Life, Back to Reality"

My Journey Back to Land...

I’ve been singing this song quietly in my mind and heart..

“How ever do you want me, how ever do you need me”

To the land.

You see, we are heading back to the land - my partner Rossi and I, his daughter and her partner Maxi… this beautiful reconnection BACK to the land.

We bought a BLOCK, a farm with two houses, bush and a river!

Oh it’s divine!

It brings with it healing ...and not just for us, but for the land also…

What does the land need from me …?

The other day, I sat still down by the river and just listened

“how ever do you want me, however do you need me….”

I offered a simple ceremony of saging the river, sound healing over the river, and dropping in a drop of ‘water’ essence.

A huge eagle took flight above my head, the wings beating and reverberating in my heart. My heart was pounding. This was a huge symbol for me.

The fish jumped up from the river, poking their little heads up.

Little signs.

Little synchronicities.


Here… it’s quiet.

There is the “sound of silence’ and in that is a well of stillness and in that is knowledge, power & healing.

The land is calling us forth. Mother nature is asking us to return “back to life” …

It’s a part of us that we know… innately, we feel it - and that there is also a deep deep longing.

A cavernous void… that can't be filled with ‘stuff’ and ‘things’

Because it’s about connection, deep embodied, true connection.

Where we feel held, and so does the land.

Where we feel supported, and so do the animals.

Where we flourish, and so do the plants.

This is the Medicine. The antidote.

Be of life.

Be in life.

Get Back to life.

I’ll be sharing our JOURNEY of getting back to life, back to the life of the land.

The unfolding, the wisdoms, the development - as we pour our love into this sacred space of wisdom.

As we speak to the land, and it speaks to us - and we listen.

Full body awareness.

We listen.

What can you do to connect to the land… ?

And I mean anywhere where you are, you can create a sacred little offering space,

  • where you light a candle and incense

  • offer a flower

  • place a shell or a stone or crystal

  • say a prayer

In Bali these little offering temples are everywhere… a drop of rice, some incense, a flower… it’s a daily occurrence for these beautiful people … Something for them to drop into , an honouring & ritual that anchors in the sacred to everyday life.

It’s the small things.

The simple things and our INTENTION that makes it sacred.

Remembering that we are visitors on this Earth Temple.

That we do not own it… to tread lightly, be kind.

We are in constant communion with our environment, whether we realise this or not…

Everything is ENERGY.

And this is how we communicate.

I encourage the stillness… the space, that may allow for the awareness of that communion.

The Sacred Pause.

This is REAL tangible, energy exchange.

And we’ve been this way for eons, our ancestors lived this way, the original people of this country lived this way.

It’s time for us to Re-remember our communion and return here.

B x

PS how do you commune with your environment ..?


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