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🔥FIRE STARTER🔥 Intentional building of the flame and tending to the fire..

You will hear me speak to this a lot…

Whether it be in YOGA FUSION, 1:1 SESSIONS and especially OPEN MOVEMENT class ..

We speak about this light, this energy, this flame of awareness that resides deep inside of each of us.

We speak about the ways in which we can build and connect to this flame, this light.

Build the prana and vitality that lies within.

Sometimes I feel this represented by a tiny single flame in each cell - sometimes it is a steady violet flame in my heart - mostly I connect to this in my womb, that cauldron of creativity + activation …

I see the base of the flame expanding with the inhale..

The flame is always steady … it may sway and flicker and grow and diminish - but the energy of it is steady …

Then I see the flame drawn up and illuminating the spaces in my solar plexus - the energy of our own inner sun, courage and confidence.

I can intentionally draw the tip of that flame up through the heart space, the throat and into the 3rd eye to shift, warm, open and expand the energy from the inside.

Given that we are heading into winter (preparing!) … this vitality + flame building focus is of utmost importance to me & my well-being.

It’s the time that we bring in the “tapas”, the discipline & commitment that really supports us on the daily.

"Don't worry about germs. Fill yourself with electricity and the germs will get electrocuted".

~Paramahansa Yogananda

(Agnihotra fire ceremony)

It’s the energy that gets us out of bed to do the morning walk / yoga / meditation - rather than hitting the snooze button again (and again 😆).

It’s the energy that says no, when others want us to say yes (hello boundaries 🙌🏻).

This flame is also responsible for our assimilation, digestion, our ability to self heal and self correct - to transform.

Here we cultivate confidence … and a willingness to change.

We can also burn up and release anything that no longer resonates or serves us (assimilate, change & digest).

Now that we are moving away from the heat & humidity or summer ~ it’s a perfect time to really knuckle into some intentional prana building practises.

HOW …?

Like anything, it’s the intention that matters, sure we can cultivate this heat and energy from within - but it’s what we do with it that makes it powerful.

I like to dedicate my practices to the ‘higher good’ to serve the community, to be a better Mumma, friend, lover. To show up and bring all of my energy with me.

I also like to dedicate my practice to myself - I am worth it.

My energy is worth it, and just because I am building energy, doesn't mean I have to go and use it… or expel it, or give it away.

Boundaries + Self Love. ❤️

So the building of this flame is a “put your oxygen mask on first” type situation. 👇🏻


  • Intention and Dedication ~ know your why

  • Breath - I have been building the inhale and the inhale retention and working on holding the breath in the centre of my chest like a pulsation (sometimes I even feel like a drum is beating in there), with a slow steady exhalation to anchor and ground.

  • Visuals + Feeling - always for me this works, colours, seeing the flame, cultivating a connection to it and really powerfully drawing it up and through the body, I also feel the warmth and usually bust out a sweat or hot flush!

  • Movement - strategic Yoga shapes that I can use to shape, mould and create the prana, married with the breath… this is so powerful (Join me in YOGA FUSION this week and you will experience what I have been playing with!)

  • Nature - physically connect with the energy of the sun - her warmth, her power, her light, her colour

  • Food - warming foods like ginger, spices, teas, soups, curries, etc

  • Creativity - If the base of the flame starts in the cauldron of the womb space ~ then creativity is an absolute to fan that fire and space .. dance, music, cooking, laughing, joy, friendship, fun, gardening, cleaning … all of life can have a creative twist or flare to it… And this is such a SUPER POWER 👊🏻💪🏻for us …

OPEN MOVEMENT is a space where I Intentionally cultivate a connection to this flame ~ it’s done in a safe way, so that you feel fuelled, alive, vital, energised and grounded at the same time.

We build the prana, and then we let it land, grounding it into our lives and our bodies.

This is our life force and when we do it together, in community ,with a love and connection at the core - OMG it is so JUICY !

It fills us up and seems to land wherever we need it in that moment!

And then, rolls out in our everyday life to support us to be better, more present, more aligned.

“The measure of a good practise, is how it supports us in our everyday life, off the mat”

Whilst this is a YOGA quote - it’s a metaphor for life… and the practises we bring in to support us.

It’s interesting to note that building a connection to that intentional fire needs to be approached wisely & with awareness.

“When the moon is made steady, the sun can be made to rise”

~ Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Meaning, only when we have first settled the moon - the mind + nervous system, can we then bring in the intentional prana building practise!

Prana is non - discerning, it will illuminate whatever is present within, whatever is heightened.

So if we are activated, switched on, busy and overdoing life - prana will bring more of that!

It is us that must bring in the discernment and choose wisely what it is that we need in that moment to bring about balance.

For me, I was on a break from all my commitments and teaching,

I was in nature, I was away from normal everyday life stresses and activities and responsibilities, and I was sleeping an awful lot and going to bed early.

My practise was outside, grounded onto the earth and began first with movement, connection to my physical body (the safe house + home of where our prana lives!)

I set about creating this new habit and intentional flame tending, whilst on a 2 weeks break, practising daily.

Once the two weeks were up, I can now roll forward, adjust and continue this practise as I pick up and add in my normal classes, commitments and clients.

I couldn't have added in this prana building practise, at the end of last term… I was too wound up, depleted and needed to rest fully before dedicating time towards it.

It was a goal setting process I created for myself .. aware that if we practise without intent or purpose - our practise can be wasted … sure there are benefits to practise always…

But that personal dedication can really change everything.

And I got what I intentionally asked for - it doesn't always look like what we think because within that first week, I actually got sick, I felt fatigued, had snot and a headache & sore throat.

What was happening was a purge & a healing. All that stuff that had been stored up over the term came out. I recognised that this was just my body “self organising and self correcting” and got out of the way and let it do its thing.

This was the deconstruction process before the reconstruction …

It’s so valuable to note this: that before we make change, we have to make space.

This is not always comfortable …

BUT if we want that flame burning bright, we gotta burn up the shiz!


What is one thing that you can do to dedicate and cultivate time and energy towards your flame ..?

  • re-establish a healthy sleeping pattern

  • get up early + move your body

  • connect with the sun

  • breathe deeply and fully into the belly, lungs + chest

  • sit, pause, rest & create space

We can’t always put ourselves first and tend to our flame before everything else …that’s just not realistic.

But we can, in moments choose ourselves, create space and make our own wellbeing a priority, and not have to explain or justify why.

We can ask for help.

We can release the guilt, and know intuitively that our energy matters, and that we model this for our kids, spouses and community.

When we step into this space, this re-remembrance of our light, dip our toe into our own magnificence time and time again…

We lead with this.

It becomes our default setting, one that we choose wisely and knowingly - rather than one that is imposed upon us from the outside.

We move from life from the inside out, rather than the other way.

Rebecca is a mover, healer & shaker. She is an Intuitive Coach & Mentor, Yoga & Movement facilitator focussing on connecting community and sharing embodiment practises.

Rebecca works 1:1 with clients in a coaching, healing & mentoring capacity & facilitates group movement, yoga, healing events, immersions, circles & retreats.

Rebecca loves to embody and share the practises of ritual, ceremony and the sacred healing arts.

Rebecca values, community, connection & creativity ~

"There is nothing more powerful than a community coming together".

Follow Here @RebeccaRossSacredBiz on socials


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