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Get Grounded - simple ways to support yourself in everyday life.

The energy and potential of the Muladhara, base or root Chakra :

Petals 4

Sound LAM

Colour RED

Element EARTH

Energy moves in and up receiving nourishment and lifeforce

And also down the legs into the earth, receiving support.

It is the receiver of the earth's (mother) powerful energies.

Stories of early childhood.

Stories of past lives are stored here, and in some way can impact our life today and the ability to manifest and create.

Some would say our limited habits and beliefs and wounds are in some way stored and housed in this energy centre.

What I see the MOST… is

  1. The capacity or lack of to ‘let go’ and release through the downward moving direction

  2. Our capacity to receive, draw up and allow nourishment to land. Allowing ourselves to receive.

Both of these are important aspects of the ROOT - and where we are in relation to both of these aspects depends on our level of self “security” and “safety” ..

How safe is it for us to let go..?

And is it OK for us to receive what we need..?

The answer is of course… BUT you will come up against any stored emotions and stories that are blocking this sense of safety and receiving.

It’s hard for us, when we are so activated and ‘switched on’ to actually FEEL a deep sense of safety … Especially when things are changing and in transition.

This is not our fault, (think of the way life is today) - yet to know we have the capacity to make a choice, or consciously release or relax is powerful. AND some tools to support you to do so.


Here we focus on the exhalations ..

Inhale for 4, exhale for 4, then 5, then 6 then 7 and possibly 8 - growing these to a capacity in which you feel safe and it does not cause you any stress response on the body. Remember feeling safe and secure is the goal.

In pranayama we will build the exhalation and extend upon our capacity to slow down, and feel safe to do so.

We may visualise the energy moving down and out, through the legs, feet and out into the earth - where we can simply work to ‘give it up’, give it away. Releasing what is no longer necessary to hold onto (sometimes we don't even realise to the degree we are holding on, until er pause, slow down and feel..).

Our adrenals and fight or flight response play a part here too - again that switched on feeling leaves us feeling exhausted, disconnected and ungrounded. It’s almost like our feet are ‘running’ above the ground… yet we are not actually getting anywhere.

Through the movement, breah, sound and meditation - we will intentionally open up the channel and connection to the earth.

Feel the steady life force pulse, the beat and not only ‘plant the feet’ on the earth - but use this channel to empty out and let go PLUS draw up nourishment, life force, nutrients, vitality (whatever it is you need) - we call that IN!

Sitting, squatting and placing your hands & feet onto the earth can help you to immediately ground your energy. Photo Lu Townsend.


*Sitting on the earth, rocking the spine forward and back - calling in your awareness to the “pilot light” and pulse that sits there

*Downward dog

*A modified salute with a connection to lower back and squatting into malasana - whilst chanting out loud or internally ‘LAM” the seed sound of the base chakra …this helps to engage and activate the energy

*Bellows forward fold, to light up and fan the energy and light at the base

*Savasana - surrender and feel the earth underneath you


Opening up “safely” to the channel of ‘letting go’ and dropping away

Feeling into those ROOTS that connect deeply with the Mother …

Then drawing up the nourishment, love, nutrients, life force that you need… pooling that around the ROOT and then moving the energy up and out through your chakras and around your energy body.


As mentioned, whilst doing this work… it is expected that you will come up against anything that is not this safe and secure sense of self.

Whilst this can indeed be triggering - the invitation is to remind and self soothe yourself through what is arising.

I like to ask intentional questions:

Is it REAL…? Am I really in danger?

Is it NOW…? Is this memory or trauma or stress happening to me right now?

Is it MINE…? Is this my stress.. Or residue from someone else or another situation?

Through this exploration, we create distance from the trigger and can remind, soothe and affirm a different reality.

Try this instead..

I am SAFE.

I am HELD.


I am willing to CHANGE.

My life is firm and grounded.

I have my feet firmly planted on the GROUND.

I am NURTURED by the energy of the EARTH.

I am EXACTLY where I need to BE.

Choose one or more of these that resonate with you and work with them for a week.

Journal the feedback or what comes up.


Focus for 1 week on the energy of Muladhara. Notice what you feel, see and experience.

*Cultivate a connection to the earth from underneath your feet, step outside and FEEL the energy of the earth. Commune and allow this channel to open.

*Practise the simple moves - PLUS a focus on extending the exhalations.

*Use your affirmations - write them out in your journal or repeat them to yourself during meditation.

Sound the seed sound LAM and visualise red, or earth colours come in.

WATCH MULADHARA Video Week 1 Chakra Series HERE

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