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Be Like a TREE - the trunk

How do we allow ourselves to open further?

We deepen our connection - we go in and we welcome anything that comes up along the way.

We embrace the fullness of ourselves - rather than pushing away parts that we ‘don't like’ or think are unacceptable - we simply allow ourselves the space to drop deeper IN.

This is like our yoga or movement practice - create the space for depth and opening - and then welcome what’s there. Embrace it with a warm, loving hug - just as you would a child.

One of the ethical practises that yoga speaks to, is Ahimsa - or non violence (Link to further info regarding AHIMSA at the bottom of the page).

This is easy to understand in a physical / external sense ie: dont hurt others physically / emotionally - with your words and actions. Do your best to be accountable for what you say / do etc… we all GET that.

This we can understand

The aspect I am most interested in …. Is this practise in relation to NON VIOLENCE to self ….

What does our internal landscape and dialogue look like in relation to self?

What are the thoughts, judgements, comments that are taking up the undercurrent of your mind space?

It's not easy to look at this stuff - when you start to realise that you possibly wouldn't talk to your own worst enemy in the way you speak to yourself - it's hard to acknowledge.

The invitation is to simply allow yourself first the space to even consider this…

And then the space to shift the dialogue - shift the conversations that you have with yourself ..

How can you be more loving, more accepting, more encouraging?

How can YOU be your no 1 supporter right now in this moment?

“Make the decision to intentionally respect and even love the limitations your own body has.”

How do you RECEIVE …. ?

Do you allow yourself the opportunity to receive the gift of love - friendship - kindness - abundance - peace - happiness - contentment ….

IT is our birthright to FEEL GOOD - to flourish & to be well, to be nurtured and to be the FULL expanded version of who we are.

Just as each aspect of a tree knows how to be and support the other - the root system, the trunk, the branches - they all work and coexist together - in a loving harmonious relationship… to be the FULL expanded version of that TREE.

When you work on yourself and make a commitment to growth - stuffs gonna come up.

I encourage you to practice a NONVIOLENT approach to this ‘stuff’ - whatever it is.

Let yourself off the HOOK. Have a willingness to LET THIS STUFF go.

Accept yourself RIGHT NOW.

Affirmation for the WEEK

"I love and accept myself RIGHT NOW in this moment. All is OK."

See how that feels - it may feel foreign, weird, different to accept yourself in this moment (yeah yeah … I know we all have flaws and shit and stuff and crap) - but just lovingly accept it - all of it - lean into it rather than away.

Try that for a bit.

See how it feels

All My Love,


Bec x

SUPPORTIVE Material LINK TO ARTICLE: an excellent read


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