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Be Like a TREE - the root system

I've always loved trees. Like, I am a BIG TREE HUGGER.

The wisdom and gift that they have to share is magnificent. They way in which they develop an intelligent root system network that is deeply connected and rooted into the earth and how this is the BASIS for the opening and expansion through their trunk and limbs and leaves… right up into the sun. This is HOW they receive the light of the sun & their nourishment to grow.

It's the saying ROOT to rise.

The taller the tree, the deeper the root system is - this is so the tree does not topple over, but is balanced in both the expansion above, by the energy below.

This is like our stability practise…

As we OPEN up to new levels of expansion, goals, knowledge, new ways of being i.e. the best version of ourselves (in believing the fundamental law that we are ALWAYS evolving)......

the importance of a stability practise goes DEEPER.

The more we open our consciousness, expand and improve ourselves: the deeper and more grounded we need to be IN OUR PHYSICAL BODY.

Sometimes we exist too much in our brain - (um yep! Guilty) too much overthinking, again the antidote is to pause, breath and BRING the awareness back down into the body.

Just take a moment to pause now

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

Where are you? Where is your attention focussed?

Where is the energy focussed in your body?

Notice it.

Now allow each exhalation to draw the energy DOWN, down through the body to the base of the FEET.

Take as many breaths as you need to do this

Feel your feet on the earth.. STAND on the earth.

Feel grounded, stable, perhaps you can even visualize the energy growing out of the feet and into the earth - like roots.

Does it have a colour?

Can you feel the energy?

Does it spiral, or go straight down?

Just notice this.

This week, I invite you to work and explore your relationship with your FEET & legs - I want you to NOTICE, pay attention to how you stand in your body, on the earth.

Keep bringing your breath & attention back down to this - enjoy it. Put your feet on the earth, the dirt, the sand, the water.

Just notice the sensation - enjoy it.

And have gratitude for the YOUR amazing feet walking you through this LIFE.

This week: give them some love.

All My Love,


Bec x


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