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Bec's Healing Emporium & Mystery School

Just imagine if I had a REAL space for movement & healing.

A shop front if you will.

An Intuitive Healing Space where I facilitated movement, yoga, healing, guidance, worked 1:1 and courses and programs.

Across the top would be written

A temple if you will, where all the sacred bit’s are woven together.

There would be a bit of a gypsy vibe, ancient, renegade, mysterious.

A little bit off the beaten path ..BUT you’d be drawn in, pulled in by some magnetic force (sisters know where sisters go…).

A sound, a smell… the energy.

I’d invite you in.

Open the door, big smile, heart open.

“Yes I’ve been waiting for you - we all have”. I’d say.

You would immediately feel at ease, a sense of landing.

A deep sigh, an exhalation.

The space feels like a womb, a cave: rich, grounded and nourishing.

Inside the walls would be lined with Healing Art, Sacred Gifts, Tools of the (healing) Trade, Books, Cushions, Ancient Rugs, Tapestries, Altars… all the beautiful, sacred goddess things.

Lamps and candles would warm the space ..

The space is supported by the energetic representation of these sacred bits.

Frankincense, the subtle smell of rose & sage …permeates the air.

Again you’d have a recognition, a remembrance of this sacredness… something stirs within.

As You look around, you notice different rooms, portals of energy… each one flourishing and vibing with it’s own offering:

  • A sacred ritual

  • women dancing and moving creatively

  • Sound Healing

  • Intuitive guidance & readings taking place

  • Yoga practise

  • A circle of women learning to access their intuitive tools & keys

  • Energy healing & clearing

  • Conversations & connection happening and you hear laughter & joy

But also in the quiet, there is an inner invitation- a space of contemplation, mindfulness and receiving.

The energy is tangible, palpable.


We sit & connect, having a herbal tea or a sacred cacao ceremony, an organic wine, or a coffee. (All is good for me!)

We chat.

How are you ..? I ask …

What’s relevant for you right now ..?

AND …. How can I help …?

I listen, nodding, seeing you and just holding space.

“Welcome” I say “you have arrived, and everything is as it should be”.

“Look around, feel into the vibe, trust that you are where you need to be. Take what you need, but also connect, converse and engage in this space. It will serve you well.

There may come a time where it’s time for you to move on, leave, grow, and fly your wings…. I trust that too.”

Then I smile, look deeply into your eyes and place a crystal in your hand.

Your welcoming gift.

I leave you to wander around the space, it doesn't take long for you to drop into the exact receiving that you need… you connect with new souls & continue to open and expand your energy and c

onnection to your Divine Healing Consciousness or Source Energy - your own TRUE (unlimited) potential.

I am with you all the way, observing, steading, and supporting.

We are HERE now.

Welcome to the Temple … welcome into

My vision. My intention, my soul's calling. My Purpose.

I trust it resonates.

All my love B x

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