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Going back is not an option.

When you "step in", in a new way.

Some of you know, you’ve watched and played along at home as I ‘leave one life and transition into another’..

You’ve watched me step out of the ‘dance world’, owning a studio, being a business owner & step back from this community …

And re-calibrate.

There is a lot that has to happen to unravel and unwind behind the scenes.

You’ve seen me ‘step up and into’ RR.SAC.BIZ and all that it is, new offerings, new expressions, new modes of me ‘dancing my magic’ in life.


Walking the “tightrope” and navigating through the balancing act of “life”.

It really is a re-shuffle.

Those that know me, know how ‘obsessed’, passionate and ‘all consumed’ I am / was with dance, dance coaching, choreography, and all things creative.

It was an ‘all in affair’... I didn't know how to ‘re-fine’ and 're-tune' the energy to make it subtler, sweeter and more gentle.

PLUS to meet the huge expectations I have of myself …

Well I know and feel my potential right?!

I know what I am capable of - what we are all capable of, and I really hold myself to that truest and purest most lit up vibrant version!

Even when I’m not feeling it - I know it’s there.

I’ve been reluctant to ‘step back into’ the dance world fully… I know my patterns, I know who I become… and sometimes I don't like it.

Even the language “step back” … has a bit of a backwards feeling to it.

BUT the only way through is through.

The only way to find the balance is to navigate the landscape, with fresh eyes in a new way, with a new intention, with a learned and integrated insight and a willingness to do things differently.

So stepping up & in.

A new way. A new template.

Dance is a passion.

Rachel Thorncraft Photography

Teaching is a passion.

Coaching, guiding, mentoring, creating … passion.


So two things ….

I am .. with my Open Movement Posse Peeps stepping out onto the stage in JUNE in a Performance Project with these amazing ladies, because … well, why NOT!?

Now these women have actually supported me whilst I reclaim dance and movement for myself, they have helped me to heal the disconnection and (re)-remember my passion, my JOY for movement.

And I LOVE them for it.

Second thing.. I dont speak much about this… my absolute love and nack for teaching students.

The way that I love to support, nurture, mentor, coach and train my students.

It’s truly a gift that I know I have, a capacity of sorts.

So I am opening up the space to work 1:1 with dance students, and offer myself as a “guest teacher” to those aligned.

BUT going back is not an option..

Meaning, this time I step into this with an awareness and balance. With a hindsight and integration of past experience.

I know I have a huge amount of experience, expertise, insight, holistic support and guidance to offer.

I know this is part of me.

I also know I am not the same, we are evolving, shifting and growing.

And that is what interests me.

What's your next step?

Where do you want to get to?

And what support do you need to get there?

And then How Can I help?

It’s a question I ask all my clients when they start working with me.


Rachel Thorncraft Photography

But.. let me reframe ELITE…

“The definition of elite is something prestigious or the best of the best.”

My aim is to activate, ignite, support and nourish this ELITE ability inside of you, the students.

It’s always about YOU, your growth, your development and your potential made real.

That's your ELITE quality.

That's what we want ‘shining brightly’ - turn up the dial of that.

It may look or feel a bit like this:

  • Unlocking your potential, to dive deep as we move through any limiting doubts, thoughts, fears, worries or beliefs.

  • Supporting students with strategies to combat anxiety that goes along with performance / dance and life. Life Skills.

  • Focussing in on technique, develop a student's strengths and use their assets, plus identify perceived weaknesses and address these.

  • Training students holistically in movement, with intention to really own and connect to their movement & story.

  • Choreographing unique pieces that speak to that dancer, that in some way their voice is seen and heard through the movement.

  • Polishing, embellish, prepare and clean existing routines.

Rachel Thorncraft Photography

It’s all very intuitive and intentional … which is, mostly how I love to live my life.

There is a limited amount of energy and capacity for this - because I know myself…

I go all in!

So It’s quality over quantity for me to really hold the integrity of what I do.

If you're feeling it.

Let’s chat.

I know I am not for everybody, and that's so fine with me.

But I know what I have to share and offer is unique.

Taking Expressions of Interest to work 1:1 with me now:

Visit my website, submit your details and fill in the EOI form.

I'll be in touch for a chat.


Submit your EOI form and I'll be in touch.


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