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How to KNOW if you’re READY for a COACH.. And WHO to choose ..

Taking on a coach is a truly personal transformational journey that you need to be ready for.

Here are my tips from my own personal self love and healing journey where I have really called in the “experts” for support, how I want to FEEL and where I want to go.

I trust it serves & supports you ...

Timing …timing is everything and you’ve got to be ready for the work.

You’re at a time where there is something happening right now in your life, a pivotal point, a crisis or perhaps you’ve hit rock bottom (been there!)

You’ve tried all else yourself without support - and still the struggle is real.

(Whatever it may be.. Physically / emotionally / spiritually - it's all connected)

Next level Vibes…

Because of this crash or crisis there is a “tipping point” or a “hinging point” that opens you up - there is a CRACK .. a doorway… an opening that allows for the possibility of a coach or mentor to step up and in, & HOLD YOU.

This creates a WILLINGNESS for change …

Ego…. We love you BUT

Being open and vulnerable is shit scary sometimes … but this is the space of DEEP HEALING, when you admit to yourself that “YOU NEED HELP” and also that “this is OK..”... ahhhh exhale & feel into that.

You know that something in your life requires improvement and you are seeking the action of movement forward to facilitate this improvement.

This is HUGE - take it from one stubborn control freaky person to another.

This creates a softening, a surrender…

Money & the self worth connection

You have decided that perhaps you are worth spending money on. (Money is just a representation of divine energy, you are divine energy … matchy matchy …..).

That your wellbeing is a priority … and that you deserve to feel good, just because, it’s actually your birthright.

(Whole lotta old money stories to be re-programmed here!)

You’ve been watching someone that has LIVED your journey

Or are now at where you want to be ..

How did they get there..?

Who are they BEING ..?

What were the TOOLS they used…?

And they are offering to teach, lead, facilitate all of this to you.

Sometimes is a FULL BODY YES..

Other times it’s a dance to and fro… and a slow steady build up to the point that you are ready.

It is a leap of faith..

It is a step of TRUST into the unknown ..

But if your coach is a good one - you will be 100% held, nourished and supported by the whole process, and usually you accelerate and grow in areas that you couldn't even imagine … PLUS …


You become a better person, so you in turn can help others, or do your work, or be a better mum, partner, sister - whatever is really deep in your heart of desires to be & do.. You get to lead with this.

Notes on WHO ..

You’ve been looking around - been in their world, their realm, their vibe for awhile …

You can see and feel through their stories and experiences that

  1. They have been where you are at in some capacity.

  2. They have moved themselves from this space & state … usually with the help of a coach.

  3. They are living a life that really resonates with you .. the values, the practises, the essence… it resonates and makes sense to you.

  4. They are, or have become an expert in their field, or developed a skill, or have a TOOL kit they can impart and teach. A Teachable tool kit.

Basically, their Transformational Journey speaks to you! And they speak to their own experiences.

You wont need your coach or mentor forever - and you will also outgrow them as you evolve and they do also ..

It’s a moment in time. A quickening.

A very deep, beautiful moment of connection, being seen, being heard, being held.

It is a relationship of deep trust and faith- and for me personally holding space for someone whilst they unravel, up-level, evolve, improve an insight into the most magnificent and beautiful aspect of us as souls ..

We are truly remarkable and it never ceases to amaze me

  • The depth

  • The beauty

  • The grace.

It doesn't matter what our journey is - we all need to be heard, to be seen, to feel connection and love, to be SUPPORTED

If we can ask for support ..and be the RECEIVING of that support.

We can then turn around and offer this same aspect.. This SUPPORT for others..

All My Love,

B x

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