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Outta the mind, and into the body

The gift of Movement!

Do you know how much I love MOVEMENT …?!


All of it!

It’s so divine to land in your body!

To draw the energy out of the mind and the mind's thoughts and drop in.

To come back home.

I always found that no matter what I was feeling, the stories I was telling myself, the heaviness, the stagnant energy, the stress I was feeling or holding onto, the blah blah - ness …

It all shifted after I moved.

If I dropped into a yoga class and did a few rounds of salutes - I was just absorbed by the breath, the movement and the flow of what was happening. It brings us into the moment.

My mind quietened down, it seemed to fade back, to not be so loud and annoying! Ha!

“Running the race from a different place”...

I said this yesterday to a client about her shift of perspective in her life…

From being a MIND person, where all her actions, thoughts & feelings orientated from her mind...

To now feeling and sensing herself from her heart, her womb, her gut…

This is the shift - “Outta of the mind and into the body”!

It’s a perspective!

A shift that gives you the spaciousness to feel into this statement:

I am not my thoughts!

Wohoa! WHAT! ?

Movement, especially intentional movement:

Allows for that space to flow through… that distance & perspective where we can shift, feel, move, align, drop in & embody a deeper understanding of WHO WE ARE on an expansive, pulsating, vibrating level.

Everything is ENERGY.

That’s a given! We know that as a concept.

But when you FEEL it, embody it, OWN it…

When you feel the tingles of energy, of prana through breath, married with movement, married with INTENTION…

AHHHH this is SUCH a simple, tangible gift!

A way to access & open the intuitive pathways we all have.

That deep knowing.

We can make tangible, real life shifts in our energy when we move our body.

The invitation is

  • Put on your FAV track, dance it out in the kitchen.

  • Move slowly, move fast - find your flow with it.

  • Do a couple of rounds of salutes

  • Walk by the ocean or in the forest

  • Do some star jumps ( I love a good Jump JUMP STAR 🌟 ! - especially with my nephew!)

  • Breathe intentionally, let the mind fall back, and drop into the WISDOM that the body has to offer.

It’s always there…. But are we listening …?

There is much here.

We are explorers of this landscape …

  • Movement

  • Breath

  • Awareness

Can all be our compass, our tools to navigate our inner landscape.

And what a Journey it is.

Bec x

Movement Resources -

Grab a buddy and get at it!

PS I am here to support your intention to move! Whatever you need!

Your's in movement fun times and JOY!

B x


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