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SIFTING & SHIFTING: Closing the doors on 2021

Sifting through the mud, to find the gold nuggets & calling your energy in.

As we round out 2021,

Before we feel into what's next

There is a really strong desire, urge & guidance to shift through the shiz.

Especially the really juicy parts of 2021 and our past.

We are standing on the precipice …

There are new (old) ways that are awakening.

YET.. the work is still to sift and sort through.

There is a detoxification that needs to happen.

A leveling up.

A lightening up as we discern and make choices that

  1. Clear out the old cupboard & baggage

  2. Decide what's coming with us on the new journey & pathway

We don't want or need any unnecessary baggage (anymore)..

So the question I am asking myself is this:

  • What doors need closing behind me?

  • What have I still left open, unfinished, uncompleted?

  • Is my energy and attention being drawn back to these things ..?

  • What can I do to recall my energy, to bring it all into the present, facing forward, anchored into my body & heart to prepare for what's next ..?

Sometimes we don't even realise our energy is back there with that thing / person / situation …

Self exploration and awareness is key right now.

A willingness to do the work.

Because I know, without a doubt that we are being initiated, guided into the fully fledged updated version of self.

This requires all of us.

All our magnificent presence, to be… present.

So as we round out the 2021 vibes … before we go launching and bounding along…

What needs SIFTING...

And then we can look at what needs SHIFTING.

Because there is something BIG coming … an awareness and gift like no other…

This is prep mode.

This is: clean out that god-damn Mutha Trucka closet.

This is: get that shiz sorted back there.

Decide what's coming along with you - decide what is worthy of coming along with you… on all levels my peeps!

It’s like things are lining up like never before.

Like the mirage or vision of the future is coming fully into FOCUS.

I call this TWENTY 22 Vision…

And man … this is going to be HUGE.

I mean powerful, I mean the reason why we are HERE, right now on this planet in a human body.

We came for this.

  • So get your shiz sorted.

  • Be discerning.

  • Call in your energy.

  • Say no.

  • Finish things.

  • Do one thing at a time.

  • Clean out the closet (literally! And metaphorically).

  • Deal, heal and create space to feel & shift your wounds once and for all.

  • Call in all your gifts, skills and talents.

  • Do what you love.

  • Grow your confidence.

  • Grow your courage.

There is great support for this now.

More about TWENTY 22 Vision later

First …

This … 👆🏻

Then we talk about all things new, dreaming, weaving, expansion, envisioning and claiming the life you want.

ACTION to support YOUR Sifting & Shifting for the end of 2021...

Heading into 2022

The FREEDOM Sessions: Body / Mind & Spirit

BODY: Movement Freedom Sessions: last Freedom movement sessions for 2021:

Sat 18th 7am YOGA & Tues 21st 7pm Open Movement with Bec

MIND: Activate your TWENTY 22 Vision:

A 2 part ONLINE Coaching Program with Bec Coming in JAN 2022

More details coming!

SPIRIT: Energy Healing Bundles: prepare your energy and be 'supported':

Book a 1 month or 3 month Energy Healing Bundle for support and Intuitive mentoring moving forward into 2022!


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