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When Everything is all SWIRLY..What do you do..?


You know what I mean right..?!

Dont know which way is up, can't find the next moving forward step, the non-stop neverending spiralling thoughts are 'running the show'!

When in doubt… STOP ✋

Pause ✨


“Deep breaths are love notes to the body" Julie Tenner

I heard that last night and I was like “ahhhh”… so poetic and so true.

I also know - we don’t breathe properly… especially in times of stress or

🌀 Mental anxiety

🌀 Tension

🌀 Triggering

🌀 Emotional overwhelm

And heightened energetic states.

Breath can..

🌬 bring you back to your body.

🌬 drop you out of flight of fight mode

🌬 help you access your creative mind & find solutions

🌬 reset your nervous system

🌬 bring you back into the place of “control” or “surrender”

(depends on what you need to feel safe).

It gives you space... & a place to gain perspective and:

✨Tap into higher wisdom

✨Gain insight

✨Access clear thinking ... even clear KNOWING!

A deep inhalation

And a slow steady exhale…

I call this MOON style breathing, and it's used to 'calm the fluctuations of the mind.

Just 4 times can create real shifts in yor energy.

Steady breath 🌬

Steady mind 🌙

Steady heart ♥️

We’ve got this.

Invitation is IN. ALWAYS.

Every. Single. Time.

Notes to self...

offered with LOVE..


Bec x


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